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zakk9: The property/model release term indicates strongly that this is not really a photo competition, but a competition for photos specifically to be used for commercial marketing purposes.

Oh, and my Burmese friend can't participate. Not that she cares, but she does like to take photos. Can she be in the photo, I wonder...

Why don't you like people from Burma, dpr? Haven't they been through enough problems already? How is it OK that you discriminate upon them as well?

I'm from egypt , and I from today I will rethink all the competitions I will enter , because if photography is such a race base job, then there is no use for it, because pictures are media , where is the freedom ? What are those countries going to show the world that make you so scared from them to talk ?? None of the Syrians ever thought of harming an Egyptian , but because they are supporting their government this competition is scared of getting punished if the truth came out, and the business of war got interrupted by the human rights of the same country..
I thought you as a professional photography website will have the guts to show the world as it is, turn out you're a media device covering under "legal" and "right" ..
Well , thanks for this competition , my eyes are more open and if there is some one from those countries want to use my name to submit something I will support him , because I want to know how they live their life as they describe it not as DPreview can or can't legally show them !!

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