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On article When the selfie turns sacreligious (23 comments in total)

I've seen many people taking selfies as they travel and visit new places. I think I understand the urge to record one's presence, and share images with friends and family. So, let people document their lives as they wish, as long as they aren't interfering with the place or other visitors.

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On article Scientists 'upload' a horse GIF onto bacteria (10 comments in total)

This is mind-boggling. Living organisms may be able to store information that can be retrieved intact. I am curious, was introduced information compartmentalized so it couldn't interact with the organism's DNA?

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DonM999: Some memories...Herbert Kepler's opinion could make or break a new camera or lens, the view camera editor said to just buy whatever lens was newest, reading the tiny price listings in the back of the magazine, the editors defending the use of professional images in an amateur magazine, watching the emergence of Olympus SLRs and Vivitar Series One lenses.

The tiny price listings in the back of the magazine, that magically vanished when you called the store...?

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RayVagh: I remember PopPhoto claimed as The world's largest imaging magazine, now it's sad to see Popular Photography closed. Bought a few issues of Popular Photography from 85-95, still have them besides American Photo, Petersen's Photographic, Outdoor Photographers, Photo Asia & Foto Media. Time to throw them all into a trash bin.

PS. My favorite contributor is Herbert Keppler (Vice President & Director of Publishing), he usually writes several articles in one edition.

Or the recycling bin...?

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ProfHankD: Excuse me? The red color channel is there and contains distinct image data from the green and blue channels, so this isn't a very good example of two-color rendering -- which is a well-known thing.

Edwin Land, the guy behind Polaroid, published on two-color phenomena in Scientific American in 1959. Wendy Carlos, a name you might recognize for other things, has a very nice discussion of the two-color experiment Land did so many years ago and how she also experimented with this principle: http://www.wendycarlos.com/colorvis/color.html

I think all photographers should read Land's theory and experiments as a way into understanding how our vision works. Plus, it's astounding.

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On article 2016 Roundup: Best Camera Drones Under $1500 (97 comments in total)

Did you consider the Autel and decide not to include it? On paper it appears to be competitive in this group.

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On article Hopes of Kodachrome relaunch put on ice (173 comments in total)
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cdembrey: Since this was posted a few hours ago, 25% of the people who would be interested in Kodachrome have died of old age.

I'm 74, but I would not start using Kodachrome again if it were brought back. My modern digital camera, desktop computer, editing software and photo printer have given me far better images than Kodachrome could ever have produced. I've had my old slides scanned and have had to color-correct almost all of them. Even after correcting, the color accuracy and brightness range is far below a modern digital image. When I visit Blue Moon camera here in Portland, a shop dedicated to all things film, I see many more young people than geezers like myself. They say they appreciate the craft aspect of using film, that you have to think through each step. I think they are suggesting that digital is too easy. I'm fine with that choice, but I'll take digital.

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On article Hopes of Kodachrome relaunch put on ice (173 comments in total)
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DecisiveMoment: We don't want to bring back film based products because of the caustic chemicals it takes to process them. I have seen a Kodachrome processing machine at a Kodak facility in Palo Alto California years ago. Palo Alto forced them out of the city because of the chemicals they were putting down the drain. Even in black and white processing the amount of water used and the chemicals that needs to be "cleaned up" before returning to the environment is unacceptable.

Good point, but we moved the pollution to Asia, where electronics factories dump waste from making digital cameras and equipment. In the US film factories and processors would be regulated and required to control pollutants.

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All good comments! How about one of you knowledgeable photographers writes a letter to Bride magazine and give them your advice about choosing a photographer they will be happy with? You're the experts, and they could use your help.

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Relonch is proposing to make bad photographers into good ones with tech. But as far as I can tell, there are no miracle cures for slapdash shooters hiding inside current tech. Maybe if they hired good photographers and gave them tech that accessed the user's viewfinder and an earphone to tell them what to do, it could work--that would be worth $99 per month!

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chaos215bar2: ‘Some manufacturers have tried to enter the DSLR market with their mirrorless camera or something. Our standpoint is different. Because our product mix covers full-frame and APS-C DSLR and the Nikon 1, these three product categories mean we offer to the full lineup and we receive each customer’s good reactions.’

The attraction of replacing a large, bulky DSLR with a mirrorless camera (or something) whose size is largely defined only by the bulk of the lens attached seems obvious to me, but I guess Nikon still doesn't see this as a serious competitor.

I can say they've already lost me as a long-time customer, since I finally decided that after three years and no hint of a competing product, it wasn't worth waiting and continuing to not use the system I really wanted to be using. Even if Nikon enters the market now, how many more potential customers will they lose before they're able to come out with a complete and compelling lens lineup?

Me too--replaced my D equipment with Fuji XT-1, very happy with it.

I got my first Nikon F in 1965 from the PX in Korea, and have used Nikon for years. I love their IQ and reliability. But, now that I am 73, I just don't want to carry the bulk and weight, yet I want to keep the IQ and reliability. Enter Fuji, with a small yet high quality camera and lens system. Why couldn't Nikon have done something similar?

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On article Opinion: Park vandals need to be stopped (334 comments in total)
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AdamElliott: In addition to enforcement of already existing laws bystanders need to step up and stop people instead of just filming it happen. This seems to be an emergent culture among our countries youth, along with the proliferation of graffiti, and is something i used to never see 10 years ago. In Alaska some of my favorite places that are within a few miles of a dirt road have been ruined due to spraypaint, garbage and vandalism of structures. In Hawaii vandals have begun spraypainting ancient banyon trees. In Utah where i have returned to live after 20 years, countless rock formations have either been vandalised or destroyed, and pristine swimming holes are littered with garbage. I have written a blog for 10 years about remote places and it's finally gotten to the point that i have to be secretive about the locations to protect them.

And, someone's been shooting at pictographs in canyons near roads.

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On article Epson's 4K home projectors to go on sale next month (63 comments in total)

Is there a projector for still photos, that has accurate color and dynamic range? The one our photo group uses doesn't.

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On article 8 creative tips for shooting waterfalls (159 comments in total)
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win39: The flowing snow appearance of water was created by large format photographers because of the limitations of their equipment. They could not shoot fast. It seems to me that to slavishly continue to copy that distortion with modern equipment is an assault on the eye. It is like taking a buggy whip to your automobile to make it go faster. It has reached such universal acceptance that I have begun to wonder nonsensically if most people have defective vision. Water does not look like that on this planet.

Here's an example of a small waterfall where the water flow is stopped by a fast shutter speed--I think it is more true to the moving water than the angel hair effect. Granted, a still image will alter the reality of the water's continuous movement, but to me this is much closer:


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Steve Bingham: OK. Just for grins I downloaded Dorothia Lange's most famous picture. I made a 2' x 3' print. So, Getty, sue me! Please.

I have a copy of the negative obtained from the National Archive, so me too!

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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review (2212 comments in total)

specifications say no image stabilization--is that correct?

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On article Action packed: Shooting the Sony a6300 in Miami (241 comments in total)
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mosc: Really not trying to troll here (I know, great preface) but would it have been possible to hand the model a pencil or a lolly pop or something to replace the cigarette? I did notice and it did bother me. Sorry if this stirs trouble.

That photo is so wrong...a throwback to a 1930s Hollywood idea of glamour.

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Love to see how this is used and what the output looks like--?

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Deliverator: So, the green auto setting on consumer DSLRs isn't simple enough? I know more than a few people with consumer DSLRs who use this setting almost exclusively to their complete satisfaction. A few of them might stray off into the scene modes, but that's it. They have no desire or need for anything else, and that's just fine with them.

In my dotage I realize my photos are not going to survive into the future unless i turn them into books--more accessible by far, and much better than a photo album. I don't know how big the photo book industry is, but I see lots of vendors offering the service.

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Simon Elwell: I've found that fewer people want to see good photos of events and places. I was at a wedding recently. For many years I've taken a camera to weddings, shooting the things that the official photographers don't - the people watching, the children playing etc. But everyone at this recent wedding had a smartphone - everyone was snapping away. Everyone had their own record.
I posted my pictures on Flickr and the bride and groom were delighted with the alternative perspective - as is often the case; but I can't help feeling that most of the guests already had a smartphone version of what I'd shot - not as well composed, not as high res, not as ... well you name it. But enough to mean they're not interested in someone else's pictures.

I've had a similar experience shooting school plays--most parents go away thinking they have the play in their phone or tablet. When I publish a book documenting the play, only a few buy it, but they always say they never organized or edited their phone photos so they don't have a usable coherent record and are happy to have the book.

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