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  • Good Sunday Morning Ted...  FSIV is not a video editor but, as Ian has shown, it does show a video icon, at the bottom of all your photo files, for video files in a folder you select to open.  It ...
  • Thanks Gary... BTW, I just felt compelled to add to your "Kids Today" comment: When I was young, to play games, I had to actually get out of bed... get dressed... go outside and interface with my ...
  • TGIF... Gary, here's my play: Modifications made using U10 & FSIV HAGD, Bob  :-)
  • The Oly E-10 was my first digital camera. I added the battery pack for extended shooting time and never looked back :) Some of my best captures were taken with the E-10... I actually still have...

  • First, I agree with previous comments that it looks pretty good as is.  Everyone's taste is a little different.. that's what makes any suggestions somewhat subjective.  My monitor is not ...
  • Unfortunately, it looks like they had a change of heart... or something :-( It now says $249. HAGD, Bob :-)
  • Good Thanksgiving Morning, All of the previous suggestions are good... however Glen's suggestion of using books works best for me. Books will never make you an artist, but will provide the ...
  • Actually, the water looks OK to me... I just lowered the cyan saturation level... no color change.  Not sure what you wanted to see... color etc?  HAGD, Bob
  • I just finished loading the most recent upgrade (Ver and so far no changes to the time required loading my CR2 Raw files.  With Ver...35 it was 35 to 40 sec and it's still the same with ...
  • Here are a few from my view: I used multiple photo editors for the above.. primarily ACDSee U8 and FSIV.  I haven't spent enough time with NIK as yet.  I have NIK as a PsE plug-in.  HAGD, Bob :-)
  • Excellent advice Keit... The only thing I might amend is your last statement with a "period" after the word file ;-) and delete the rest of the sentence.  When I first started shooting digital, ...
  • Very nice capture... especially the light  patterns.  HAGD, Bob
  • Replied in Paper Rose.
    Good Saturday Morning Lyle... I like the paper rose!  What software did you use? BTW, some weeks back I tried to load a picture of you and ran into problems with a DPR/Firefox issue.  Anyway, here ...
  • Good Sunday Morning Sid... A very comprehensive and useful comparison!  Thanks :-) HAGD, Bob
  • My very first camera was a used Kodak Duaflex II Twin Lens Reflex (1950's).
    My first digital camera was a new Olympus 4Mp E-10.
    I still have both cameras plus a few in between that I have...

  • TGIF Phil, I found this article very interesting.  Perhaps it will answer some of your questions: HAGD, Bob
  • Created discussion thread FYI... Corel After Shot 3... Free!!
    Good Thursday Morning... FYI... Corel AfterShot 3 is currently being offered FREE at: HAGD, Bob  :-D
  • Replied in Service
    Thanks for your detailed response.  I'm pretty confident now that I have a problem with my copy of FF.  I almost deleted the whole thing to start over with a fresh download.... then I decided that ...
  • Replied in Aimed
    Thanks for your response... I got a pretty good picture of what happened at: Sounds like nasty stuff :-( Somehow I doubt now that my problem has anything to do with the ...
  • "I wonder if the large denial of service attack today affected your Flash update" Guess I don't know anything about a denial of service issue. Is that with DPR or Adobe?
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