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Jim in AZ: The ACLU won't tell you is many who follow police around are attempting to put them in some false light or make big bucks when cops encounter some bad guy who won't go peacefully by painting it as police brutality in the press. Their First Amendment claim is also weak sauce:

One reality is that many see a photograph as truth. A camera with an ultra wide angle lens is capable of giving you a 180 degree angle of view of an instant in time. Even a video is only giving you part of the context, of a specific event. Unless you were there... you are being sold the photographer's interpretation of a small part of a given event, i.e. take a protest where you want to show one side more heated than the other, just keep clicking until you get the shot where your side is passive, and the other is screaming. Or how about getting a shot of a public figure in a dumb look... just hold the shutter down, you will get that dopey look, guaranteed. Then when someone picks up the paper, they will say to themselves, "I always knew that guy was an idiot". Don't even get started with what you can do to bend this further with a little P'shop'n'.

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OnTheWeb: ACLU? American criminal liberal unit?

In any event, I'm looking forward to all the tall tales waiting to be unleashed in this thread.

Someone who criticizes the ACLU is a Nazi? Where does one go from here? No subtlety in that. Is banishing someone to Nazi Germany a form of repression, suppression, or something else? In other words free speech is good with me as long as you say something I agree with.

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