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I am a self-taught art photographer based in Toronto Canada. Photography has been my passion since I purchased my first SLR film camera for high school.

A network analyst by profession, I take photography very seriously and devote to it a considerable amount of thought and time. My technology training made it easy for me to become proficient with the technical aspects of photography, and I have been able to dedicate a good deal of time to studying composition, photographic and visual art. My ultimate goal is to be able to communicate my artistic vision to viewers of my work, and I hope that studying art will enhance both my conceptual approach and my communication skills so that I can better express my ideas.

My inspiration is derived from what I see around me, from my response to my surroundings and the work of traditional artists. I am at a stage where my artistic goals and vision are continually evolving, and I expect that, to some extent, this will be the case for the rest of my creative life.


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Very disappointing considering its noise is much worse than the 5 year old 6D and worse than the M5. What were they thinking? I guess that's how they kept the price almost the same.

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Steve Ives: they should have made it more realistic:

"I found an old Polaroid instant camera!"
"Oh - the films ruined - it won't work"

The End.

If the camera didn't work, there's be no movie, so they have to take liberties with that.

Also, the capacitor noise is a bit like the 'binocular view' - it just tells people what is happening.

Also didn't those SX-70 film packs contain the battery that runs the camera? if so, it would be long dead unless... IT'S POSSESSED?

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beavertown: $1249.95 for this?

Surely Abbas Rafey must be thinking of the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM not the EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM

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On article Canon will add C-Log to the EOS 5D Mark IV for $99 (464 comments in total)

I suspect that most people that are complaining about Canon charging $99 for this C-Log upgrade are people that are more concerned about having to pay for a feature they probably have no need for but are "feature collectors" that now feel slighted because they now need to pay $99 to keep their camera up to date so it retains market value. Or they are like me and don't even own a 5D Mark IV.

However, everything is becoming pay to play, or as it is officially known "... AS A SERVICE" model. Adobe, Microsoft & Cisco (Meraki) have largely switched to this model.

Personally I would welcome "Cameras as a Service". I have never needed video in my cameras and don't expect to, so why pay for it? Make it an option to add on, and vice versa if you don't need stills capability just get the video options. Paying a monthly or yearly subscription to use the devices would just go to far though. Pay once for features, get maintenance upgrades for free.


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Drones are another tool in the arsenal of a photographer that offers a chance to capture a great image. I really do admire the abstract capabilities of the technology (such as Edward Burtynsky's helicopter shots), but before long I fear it will wear thin. I think early adopters have a window of opportunity to do some amazing things, but by the time they truly have the art side of it down pat, so will thousands of others, and we will be awash in aerial views. At that point Hopefully the spectacular images start to emerge.


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BattleBrat: Block infrared light, I thought newer cameras have better IR filters in the stack these days and no longer need additional filters, I also read that adding more IR filtration harms image quality, this true?

Nope. Try putting on a Hoya IR72 filter. Even the latest sensors don't completely block IR, this is why the IR72 still works for doing IR shots. Mind you it take 2-6 minute exposures to get an image.

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Buzz Lightyear: Congratulations, APenza! What a shame that kbdkbd (who has never even entered a dpreview challenge) should spoil your well deserved win with such an ignoramus comment!

Actually I have been in a few challenges, and have placed as high as 7th. I have deleted them, since sandbagging is so prevalent in the challenges. There are photos that clearly don't deserve .5 stars but get them somehow and skew their ranking. I will no longer enter a challenge.

Sometimes there is a fine line between HDR and some of the processing effects. This is a great shot, and I apologize for my mistake.

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I'm surprised this didn't get 1st place. Really a great shot and subject nicely processed too.

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On photo Portland Light in the Lighthouse challenge (13 comments in total)

Sure looks like HDR to me.

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On photo Beacon in the Lighthouse challenge (1 comment in total)

Very interesting indeed!

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Don't know if this challenge subject has been done before, but this is a great subject!

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On photo Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, NS, Canada in the Lighthouse challenge (1 comment in total)

Great Shot!

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On photo La Lanterna in the Lighthouse challenge (3 comments in total)


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I can't vote for some reason.

No stars show up. Anyone know why?

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This is a great shot. Love the wide angle.

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