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I'd like to get to the point where I can once again function and work. I can still write well and continue to work on my photographic craft (always a "plus factor" for both), but I don't deal at all well with stress, so I'm having to take things at a pace with which I can accommodate, psychologically.


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On article Pentax O-FC1 FluCard: The wireless details (125 comments in total)
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EdBov: Besides landscape and studio/table top photography, the FlucCard sounds interesting to me for street photography. Looking on your smart phone is that kind of usual nowadays, that it will become easy to autofocus your K-3 and make a nice picture without anyone getting angry.........

Yeah, I can see it already... some joker straps his K-3 to his shoe and tries to get surreptitious "up-skirt" shots using his smart phone! :)

Seriously, I HOPE nobody tries that -- at least not with A PENTAX camera... Let them try that with some OTHER BRAND, instead, PLEASE!

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On article Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup (2013) (466 comments in total)

If I said all I'm really thinking I fear I'd get banned from DPReview.

To say the least, I find it QUITE ironic that the Nikon D7100 got THOROUGHLY TROUNCED in the popularity poll for Best new DSLR of 2013 (coming in 3rd or 4th behind the K-3). And that if you read the comments posted below the poll, MANY Nikon shooters -- including more than a few who felt "TRAPPED" in the Nikon format with their D7000 or 7100 because they'd invested too much in Nikon glass said THEY voted for the K-3 because they think it's superior to anything Nikon has, and would switch if they could afford to.

Yet DPReview has YET to do a review of the 2-1 winner of that poll, instead giving one of the sore losers its BEST review score and putting it out here as the camera it recommends the most. In fact of ALL the cameras in this list, the K-3 was the ONLY ONE not yet reviewed by DPReview!

Things smell like the coast when the tide goes out to me!

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On article Sigma announces all-new 50mm F1.4 DG HSM 'Art' lens (244 comments in total)
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kewlguy: This lens better not vignette...77mm for a 50/1.4 is huge!

The lens it's replacing -- which Sigma released all the way back in March 2008 -- also to rave reviews, also had a 77mm filter size and was 35 grams heavier at 505 grams. It had five fewer elements, at 9, total, however, and at the time, DPReview's major criticism of the lens was that it was "overpriced" vs. the OEM lenses at Sigma's $499 MSRP.

My how things change. The OEMs (at least mine), have more than doubled their prices (in my case, on the SAME lens, plus a new one that's even much pricier), but Sigma comes out with "blow-your-doors-off-quality" "Art" lenses that are also almost twice the previous price, but probably MUCH more worth it.

Their only real competitor is Zeiss, and Zeiss are so overpriced only well-paid pros and rich playboys can afford them. ;)

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On article Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 (335 comments in total)
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LXNights: For me it's the K-3. Pentax made up in a big way for their previous lapse in video by giving a proper and solid operating system here, including the addition of a plug to use earphones, which is vital for people like myself well versed in video. The ability to choose between using the anti-alliasing (sic) filter is nothing short of brilliant, in addition to the other features well documented here on DPreview. And the price point makes it a slam dunk. This is a very important camera for Pentax because it shows they can make a sturdy professional machine (notice I didn't say enthusiast) that can compete with anyone, it also points to a future that is very bright indeed. I've been shooting with Pentax for nearly 40 years, and despite recent tough times, I remain as proud as ever for what they have accomplished, and where they are going, and the K-3 is indicative of that. Thank you, Pentax-Ricoh.

When I first started shooting in 1985, the friend who introduced me to the SLR world was a Pentax shooter. Of course he started me with a K-1000. He was shooting an MX. And he said he'd give his left (well, you know) to have an LX. He said among other things, that camera didn't require ANY electronics to work. That even the meter could work without a battery, and you could take it to THE NORTH POLE and shoot at -70 degrees for hours at a time and as long as YOU and your FILM didn't freeze the LX would continue to work.

I don't know. I still haven't seen one. But the thing sure sounded like A LEGEND to me. At the time, it was apparently AS GOOD AS anything Nikon or Canon had, with MANY pros shooting with it, but I think CaNikon offered more in the way of high-speed winder support, or something like that which kept Pentax from ever taking the lead.

What a shame.

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On article Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 (335 comments in total)
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ragmanjin: I don't understand how the D7100 and D610 are getting so many votes. One's a slight spec bump over the previous model with no new tech or gains or even a prettier body, so by logic should be sitting at about the same level as the K-50 or A58 here. The other's identical to its predecessor in pretty much every way, announced early and for the sole reason of averting attention from the huge quality control problems of the one it's replacing, so by logic should be sitting at the same level as the T5i (which was released to divert attention from the T4i's rubber grip allergen issue). At lease the Df looks a little different, the SL1's one of the smallest DSLRs ever, the 70D and K-3 have completely revolutionary new technologies in them and the K-500 finally signals Pentax's return to having an actual lineup of DSLRs complete with non-weather-sealed entry-level models.

Anyways, just a thought.

You're certainly right, Brownie... Having more features for a lower price DOES NOT necessarily make for a better camera. One could potentially create a "Rube Goldberg" camera, for instance, that has so many "bells and whistles" it looks like the old childhood game of "Mousetrap," but it wouldn't "DO" anything.

On the flip side, the new features added to the K-3 are all, in my opinion, those that help produce a better photo, or make it easier to produce a better (or more complex) photo -- such as following birds in flight -- which wasn't easy with a K-5.

As for D7100 votes, if you analyze the total number claiming to own one PLUS those who say they WANT one, then figure out how many had to vote for the D7100 for it to get its 15.4% share, well, what that tells ME is that at least SOME (like 60-odd CURRENT D7100 owners DIDN'T vote for it!). AT least that's the math I calculated.

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On article Have Your Say: Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 (335 comments in total)
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SulfurousBeast: What the Pentax fanboys / followers came out in full fore to vote or is it just a sympathy vote for the underdog? I am not saying K3 is not a good camera by any measure, in fact it is at par and even above par with its comparable peers in several areas. But given that majority voters would be (assumed) CanNikon owners, surprising to see Pentax K3 leading this poll which means it has garnered 'non-pentaxian' votes too. Good for Pentax.

I'm one of those Pentax users Pentax listened to. I really have no idea how many other Pentax forums are active around the world and thus I have no idea how much the comments and threads are in the forum here are read by anyone who COUNTS at Ricoh/Pentax.

What I DO know is that ever since BEFORE the K-5II series came out I -- and a few other folks on the DPReview Pentax DSLR forum laid out PRECISELY what we wanted in our next Pentax camera -- in NUMEROUS POSTS. And I, for one, let it be known I certainly didn't think the K-5II WAS that camera (although now that I have a K-3 I plan to get a K-5IIs when the price gets right). In my case, I looked at one thing the D7000 had I thought Pentax should: dual UHS-1 SD card slots, which I said were MUST-HAVE items in a camera at this level, and also said we needed better metering and autofocus, especially tracking AF, we got most we asked for, plus some. Nobody even dreamed of a removed AA filter with filter simulation! The K-3 won ON MERIT!

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On article Pentax K-5 II and K-5 II S (25 comments in total)
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dousanmiaography: Seriously, what is the difference between K-5 and K-5II? Every single specification are the same.

It has faster autofocusing, dousan. It has added AF sensitivity, as well, enabling it to autofocus down as low as -3 EV (making it one of only 2 cameras, APS-C OR FF, amateur, enthusiast OR PRO, with such sensitive low-light AF prior to Pentax's release of the K-3, which has the same low-light AF capability). Many Pentax shooters who've had all three cameras say it's the sharpest of the bunch, as far as pics go -- especially at higher ISOs. And, of course, the K-5 IIs also has NO anti-aliasing filter, which DEFINITELY makes for sharper pictures, but could ALSO mean you end up with MOIRE in some pictures (which Photoshop MAY be able to remove, so it's probably not the end of the world in most cases, anyway).

So IF you have a K-5 IIs, it has NO AA filter, which means ALL your shots will be a bit sharper and for most that won't present a moire issue.

Those are the major improvements of which I'm aware. I'm still deciding if I want one as a new second camera now that I have the K-3.

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chris_j_l: And with this, Sigma signals that they have abandoned K mount for macro lenses.

Why do you think they'd do that, or that be happening? And what would that mean to Pentax and Pentax shooters?

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)
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keekimaru: I really enjoy this camera.

I owned a K-r for a short period of time before I sold it for this and I don't have buyer's remorse for doing it.

Things I like:
-The thing isn't plastic. And it doesn't feel it.
-The picture quality in RAW...
-The controls are simple.
-Because it is designed for a screen, live view can be used all the time and not drain the battery quickly like it did on the K-r. That is of course if you like the live view.
-When you put on the kit lens this camera takes up the same space as a 4/3rds. Most times you carry a camera around and want to take quick shots you don't need a zoom anyways. It is a slightly genius maneuver to make the lens smaller as that is what half the size of the 4/3rds cameras are, the lens.

More Detail :

Ummmm, Washcoll2004, one thing I'll say for Pentax, they DEFINITELY DON'T build DELIBERATE OBSOLESENCE (sp?) into their camera systems like Canon and Nikon have.

Last year at this time when I was FINALLY ready to "bite the bullet" and go DSLR (after 8 years of buying nothing but the best P&S cameras -- 4 successive megazooms, first two Lumix, then to Canon -- ALL of which had viewfinders, offered RAW mode, AND the last two of which worked with Canon's pro-level flashes -- I seriously considered going Canon, since I already had a 430 EXII flash).

What changed my mind was discovering my 90s-era Pentax 135mm F2.8 lens would work with the K-5. I agree the K-01 looks like an over-priced toy, and I wouldn't buy one. But not only will NONE of the older Canon nor Nikon lenses work with their stabilization systems (since it's built into the lens, instead of the camera), With Canon, if you go from APS-C to full frame(Nikon, too?), you have to buy ALL NEW LENSES again!

No thanks!

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