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That 400mm lens reminds me of my Spiratone 400mm F6.3 "T" mount, which I use on my Panasonic G3 camera with a suitable adapter. I previously used that lens on a Nikon 35mm SLR. It's too bad Kodak didn't make the camera fully M4/3 compatible, I use an Olympus flash unit on my G3 with no problems. I got the Olympus flash used at a bargin. If they come out with some nice glass under the Kodak name, perhaps Olympus and Lumix users will be able to use them, though the lenses will probably lack built in IS.

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sorinx: Some people want NEW look just because is NEW. It does not matter that it is UGLY, that it has horrible ergonomics, it only matters to them that it is NEW and INNOVATIVE.

I guess they hate women because the model is waaay too old. They would prefer probably a square women. That would be COOOOOOOOOL.

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I don't think this is a truly ugly camera, at least when you leave off the extra grips.

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Some have commented that Nikon has priced these cameras too high. If you compare them with the competition (using MSRP) that may not be so. For example consider the J1 at $649. This comes with a lens and has built in flash. The Lumix GF3 and GF2 are priced near the same level as are the E-PL2 and E-PL3 The V1 is more expensive than the G3, but is a smaller camera. Compare it against the E-P3 with the VF2 attached and add the speedlight to the V1 to equalize the equipment and again you are in the same price ballpark. How well the Nikon will perform considering the smaller sensor is something yet to be seen however.

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Using a Panny lens on an Olympus camera begs a question, do BOTH IS systems (the lens and the body) engage and work together or do they end up fighting each other unless you turn one of them off?

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