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The aps-c market segmentation is weird and dysfunctional at the moment. Specifically, the continuing attempt to make IBIS a $$$$$ extra, and what therefore becomes overpriced substandard base.

It looks very sick when IBIS is pretty much standard both in FF and MFT, and FF prices are declining and MFT are much better value for money with IBIS thrown in.

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VincentMike: *#%# a...*#%# price
Really SONY, really?
No camera...period !!!

Yeh, they wouldn't want to harm their cash cows, would they.

It's just weird the overpriced aps-c segment without IBIS will be eaten by the full-frame alternatives now. It's like the Titanic sailing on with the band playing.

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AbrasiveReducer: Now, if Nikon will start making the Coolscan again, we're in business.

Still use my Coolscan IV ED (on USB), with XP in a virtual machine. Works a treat.

Just had a look on that auction site for used prices on it - golly!

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cdembrey: The great thing about film is that it works with my mid 1930s LTM Leica and my mid 2000s Canon EOS Elan 7n. No expensive new camera needed every two/three years to shoot film. Money saved will pay for a lot of film processing.

This, if you don't take many shots and have the gear, film is more economical than digital - yes, you read that right - I calculate that a full frame digital would cost me 400 GPB/yr in finance/depreciation. That's a lot of rolls developed and scanned.

Whereas my film gear is likely appreciating, and I probably spend a quarter of what digital costs, for having the creative options full-frame gives you. Combined with a 1" sensor Rx100, it's a seriously good combination.

I'd also observe that viewers who do not know or care where the pictures come from, normally prefer the film ones.

I love that film bails me out of lack of skill much of the time.

I've scanned Kodachrome from the 1940s and the colors are still excellent (unlike some other films from that era that have faded or washed out). I'm still in mourning for Kodachrome 25.

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