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    Yes, for general use, the 40mm is absolutely a good focal length, especially combined with the close focus distance. But size of a lens is also a big deal dor me. For portraits, I personally ...
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    I'm not so sure how useful it is at that size... I do like the minimum focus distance, but I like the size of the 55/1.8. Also, for portraits the 55mm is obviously a better focal length.
  • Very helpfull, thanks. I'll have to look for the upcoming next gen Intel chips, second HDD bay option, USB 3 external HDD and not mind so much about the grapchics chip.
  • The main reason I'm thinking of Lenovo, is that my usual store has "workstation" laptops only from Lenovo and HP. Certainy I can take a look around and think of other brands. I just have good ...
  • Created discussion thread switching from desktop to a laptop
    I mean to transitition from my old desktop to a well specced Lenovo P51 or 71 (or equivalent) laptop and and external Thunderbolt hard drive. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for RAW post processing ...
  • Rcl100, phone sensors are TINY compared to a micro four thirds sensor and telephoto lenses on phones are much slower than f/1.8. Also, the "speed" of the lens is relative to sensor size. On the...

  • For casual snaps, sure. For photography, no. I'm a u43 user (and a FF user among other formats) and even this phone definitely does not replace a micro four thirds camera. Phones don't have control...

  • :D well, it is beautiful thing to behold...
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    I went for a quick walkaround with the 75mm f/1.8 and also took the Sony FE 55/1.8 to see if how different they feel in use. Didn't get anything too interesting, but here's a few snaps and a ...
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  • They should not stay with the EF mount. There is just no point. A mount that has a smaller flange distance would allow for more compact bodies and a larger variety of lenses, including the option ...
  • I've been a Canon shooter since the launch of 10D and I've always liked to controls and user interace of Canon cameras over most other cameras, well, perhaps over any other camera brand. It was ...
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    They sure are. I love that little macro. It's a great combination of small size, good and fast AF, image quality and low price :) I just took look at my Canon 100mm f2.8 L macro and (though it's a ...
  • Argh, I can't see the point of the gallery feature when "No comments have been written yet. Be the first to write one!" takes up a third of the screen when selecting "fullscreen"... :/ Why isn't...

  • Created discussion thread the 75mm is a beautiful lens
    and really sharp too. Although so far, I've only had time to shoot brickwalls with it... :-D This quick snap was taken with the EM10II and 30mm macro
  • I agree. I usually use S or M, but I would also very much like to use P and A for auto ISO, since I do a lot of walkaround / street photography and the combination of Aperture priority with a well ...
  • I have E-M10II, E-M1 Ii, 9-18, 12-32, 12-40/2.8, 20/1.7, 25/1,7, 30/3.5, 45/1.8, fisheye, 14-140,,12-60 and probably forgot a few. Also about to get the 75/1.8. There, does that make you happy? Per ...
  • So, E-M1's (or any Olympus camera for that matter) Auto ISO can't be adjusted to take into account the IBIS the way that it can be done with Sony and (at least some) Canon cameras. I wonder, what ...
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