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How did they do it? LOL Of course by making E mount lenses and figure out how the Sony body communicate with the lens. Only Sigma is the 3rd party lens manufacturer that got the expertise in figuring out how lenses from Canon as well as bodies from Sony behaves.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Tamron's new SP prime lenses (101 comments in total)

So these new lenses are now only "designed in Japan".

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I would totally buy and try out these cameras if they have a short flange distance mount. With an adaptor I can use 10+ lenses I already have on it.

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Would be interesting to see this against the Metabones IV. Let's see if the AF speed can improve.

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Everything looks interesting until the price tag bit.

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villagranvicent: Remember the Contax AX?? autofocuses by changing the lens-to-film distance. I wonder why nobody else followed that route.

1. May be Kyocera is still holding that patent and not interested in licensing it out.
2. I have the AX, back then, it was by no means fast. And the body becomes very bulky. Although I like the extra thickness for grip, it was no small camera. There is also a limit of 85mm or wider lens.
I would love to see somebody makes a mirrorless camera with a moving sensor. The best usage for me was doing approximation MF, and let the AF take over for the final focus confirmation. Works like a charm in macro or steady portraits. This kind of AF probably won't be good at shooting moving subjects.

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schaki: Leica wasn't the only ones to overprice their cameras. Contax did the same thing with their digital compact cameras before Kyocera which manufactured those, after the design by Contax, decided to withdraw from the camera market.
For the Contax TVS Digital which was available in champagne-color and black they charged $899 respectively a grand, $999 for the black in 2003.
It shall be said though that Contax included a leather-case and a simple IR remote control. The battery charger was a simple AC-charger with contact which you plug into the camera.
The Contax TVSD used a common 5mp 1/1.8" sensor and a pretty much standard, though with near superb performance, 35-105mm f2.8 - 4.8 zoomlens. Most of the camera-body was in Titanium. The Lcd is only 1.6".
I didn't buy a TVSD back then but a used one at a much lower price in 2013, I think it was.
It is a photographers' camera with a very much intuitive UI and good handling overall.

I own contax gear since mid 90's and you need to realize Contax film bodies were not cheap for the time. The TVS was not a huge hit and it was expensive. Of course the digital ver were even more. Funny that everything is gone but I'm still using my contax lenses, both MM and G, on Sony.

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Bhima78: Is there a reason to copy canon on making the telephoto zoom lens look like a stormtrooper instead of black? Is it because the lens overheats often or something?

Yes Minolta had white lenses too but I'm not sure who made it first. FD Canon lenses got the white paint job as well.

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jomsjoms: Batis 85/1.8 vs Sony FE 85/1.4 ..... can't wait for this!

Not only that. I waiting to see a head to head GM vs Otus on the A7RII.

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (85 comments in total)

I still don't like the fact you have to pay extra for this expensive Wifi module.

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (85 comments in total)
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joelR42: Wait. You an't use the touchscreen to navigate or review images? That seems really odd.

The wheel is much faster, and the dial on top lets you jump 10 images at a time.

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On article The mighty PEN: Hands-on with Olympus PEN-F (155 comments in total)

That On-Off switch just did it for me. It's a very elegant camera, and almost, ALMOST, makes me want to dive into m4/3 since the pre-SONY and Fuji mirrorless days.

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love_them_all: I'm gonna hold on and see what the XT2 is like. I like the range finder form factor but I got no real use with the OVF.

Of course I do know that. Duh. But why pay for something I have no real use of? XT2 suits me better. (And I do own Leica M so I know the pros and cons of a rangefinder OVF)

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 (77 comments in total)

I'm gonna hold on and see what the XT2 is like. I like the range finder form factor but I got no real use with the OVF.

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The CA control seems to be better than expected.

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Leica, bring back the film advance lever on your digital cameras :)

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On article Panasonic's Post Focus feature arrives November 25 (218 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: Lytro just got pawned.


The average user won't care about the difference in tech. It's a nice feature (and at no extra) that users can play with. The experience is the user can play with a focus point and see different parts of the pictures go out of focus, which is fun.

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JackM: Why such high shutter speeds? I'm shooting high school football at night and am having great luck at 1/1000 or even 1/800. I think you could have cut your ISO in half or more.

I notice that too. May be he is playing it too safe to get the high shutter speed for the high pixel count.

Overall this article gives me a feeling that the camera CAN do something like this but it is not at the same level as the 1D or 4D series.

Note: I am a happy user of both Sony A7R and Canon 1Dx. I will get the A7RII but would not consider it for this kind of job. There is difference of being able to do something and doing it really well.

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It's really Sony that makes legacy lens very usable on the NEX. The 1.5x crop is proven a lot most user friendly vs 2x from the M4/3. Peaking, and zoom in focus are the key. That was 2010.

Later on we have FF, or a choice of speed booster. And now the A7RII lets me use Canon glass with decent AF. Way to go for this universal mount concept.

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1494 comments in total)

Metabones - please make an adapter for the SL lenses on the Sony (if it is possible). I am interested in the lenses but not the body. May be I'll just buy an aftermarket Leica name badge and glue it on top of the Sony LOL.

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