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F8AD: I could be happy if the develop module updates were available on Windows7 Pro. They are not.
I use a PC for more tasks than just photo editing; doubtful I'll get Windows 10 because after trying it I don't like it.

Safety is user dependent on Microsoft products,in my experience. I haven't had any problems. I will eventually lose driver support for new peripherals for Win 7 if I keep it,though.

I am considering ON1 Photo Raw 2021 when my LR -Photoshop subscription runs out. I wonder about On1 's LR cataloging import and preset migration though. Any user experiences to share out there ?

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I could be happy if the develop module updates were available on Windows7 Pro. They are not.
I use a PC for more tasks than just photo editing; doubtful I'll get Windows 10 because after trying it I don't like it.

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Singh: I bought two of the original YN685's with triggers. Unfortunately I found the output a bit inconstant, especially with rechargeable AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries have 1.2V output verses alkaline which have 1.5V, so 0.8V drop when loaded with 4 rechargeable batteries.

About 18 months ago I bought the Godox V860ii, WOW

Dedicated rechargeable batteries are the future.

Consistant output and quick recycle time. Feels more solid than the Yongnuo 685's. I think any future purchases will also be Godox.

My 2 cents . .
GM does sell a branded battery , AC Delco. Ford has the Motorcraft brand,both are available at dealer retail facilities and parts stores.I suspect Chrysler and others do too.
They do have space considerations especially in newer vehicles with cramped engine compartments using specific left/right/ front/back/side terminals.

Newer vehicles with keyless entry,remote start,and alarms have a constant albeit small current draw might effect starting.
Nonetheless, like photo batteries third party manufacturers often develop suitable, good quality offerings.
The difference for photo equipment is often compact size devices dictate battery size,suitability in different power requirements, and ease of use.

Globally , traditional AA or AAA bateries have common availability at the cost of tailored efficiency and specific design characteristics.
A good solution for consolidating uses among different electronic devices and charging cradles, but not for optimization of devices.

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John Koch: Gattoni's article and pictures were carried by MSN via an extant agreement with a source publisher, the Washington Post. Very likely, a court will find out that Gattoni waived her supposed rights when she submitted the work to the WP.

Shouldn't Gattoni be charged or fined by the subjects of her photos for 100% of the proceeds of any publishing fee or court settlement? Oh, and ditto for the artisans who created the dolls and trinkets that figure in her gallery photos.

How can photographers claim proprietary rights over images of people who gave no written consent or received no remuneration?

Gattoni's claim clearly has less to do with principle (which opens a can of worms) than the fact that the defendant is a mega company?

Meanwhile, every day, people "borrow" or filtch images sourced from the web without paying any royalties. But to sue thousands or millions of anonymous users soon becomes a dubious battle.

Being charged or fined by the subjects of her photos doesn't apply in public spaces, or in this instance a winery and restaurant where access is granted does it?

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gsmayes: peak design is a mature company that doesn't need startup funding. their kickstarter campaigns are basically paying for the pleasure of being a beta tester. no returns or refunds if the product doesn't work for you. I got one of their backpacks that wouldn't physically fit me and they refused to take it back.

gsmayes - And Kickstarter I thought was a good way for new innovators and entrepreneurs to bring good ideas to market without having to bankroll production.
I don't know if Peak is private or publicly traded, but my gosh their Kickstarter has $4M U.S. in it . .does that mean the latest tripod will have that dollar amount in hard inventory, or are we crowd funding corporations ,research, or something else ?

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John _ Finn: As many commenters have said, the Yahoo! account login requirement is a major irritation. I said as much in a Tweet to Flickr and suggested that users should be able to login using Google or Facebook. This was their response: "It is something on the roadmap. Stay tuned!". Good news.

Yahoo's disabilities compounded when their last CEO focused ambitions toward mobile ( phone) browserswhile trying to integrate an ill-defined social platform. A huge breach of user's info didn't help;they've lost a foothold.

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