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Satyaa: Surprisingly it's not as big as I would have expected for a 600/F4.

Sounds and looks cool for anyone who can afford it. Well done.

I have the feeling that Nikon is preparing in a big way for the next Summer Olympic games. I expect updates to Z9 as well, may be a "Z9 II" in the works.

I also hope they release a D500 equal in Z mount.

Those sports photographers who are still shooting D5/D6 will probably change their mind after seeing the Z gear at the next Olympics.

All the best.

Technically the Z S version is 3 tenths of an inch longer than the E but add a required Z lens adapter and a TC14 and the longer lens hood of the E version and the new lens is shorter. It is also 19.4 ounces lighter and lighter still once you add in the weight of the Lens adapter, TC14 and heavier lens hood of the E. Don't know or care about Canon or Sony, too much Nikon gear to ever consider changing. I was about to order the Z S 400 f/2.8 TC but with a 180-400 f4 TC I can cover that range. The new 600 is 4 pounds lighter than my G version 600 before adding the lens adapter. It is also shorter and doesn't have the two piece lens hood. It is even a half pound lighter than the 180-400.

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Matt_007: Whatever the individual views on specific specifications and the debate on which has the best AF and such, the clear winner has been the Nikon Z9. In the few minutes after the product announcement Nikon probably sold more Z9s than the sales for A9s, A9IIs, A1s and R3s combined.

I think they've already delivered over 20K Z9s and according to the Q3 revenue statement still have tens of thousands of pre-orders to deliver over the next few months. Z9 is simply the most successful ML flagship camera and will most likely beat the D3 to become the number one digital flagship camera of all time.

As a Nikon owner I never considered a Nikon mirrorless body, until now. The Z 9 has D5 build quality and is 20% smaller. I am used to and more comfortable handling the pro sized bodies and hope the Z 9 has a similar feel. I can use my 180-400, 600, 400, 200 f2, and 70-200 with improved AF. I can also use all the other Nikon lenses I own.

I won't even need to buy new Z lenses but it is nice to see the growing options. I would prefer something less than 45.7 MP but not a concern either. With my investment in Nikon glass the other options are of no concern to me. I'm glad there are options and competition but I'm just happy Nikon is now competitive in the pro mirrorless space. I just placed an NPS order. I have no idea how long it will take.

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