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  • I don’t think that is surprising at all. The life of a lens is not measured in years. It might be reasonably measured in hours of use, but technically it is probably mostly a matter of cycles on ...
  • That is such a great deal, so much camera for so little money.  Good luck with the birds.
  • I used the 80D with the 400DO II with an original version Canon 1.4X as my bird setup for over a year. Earlier this year I replaced the 80D with the M6II for birds, but not for reasons relevant to ...
  • Camera settings likely have nothing to do with this behavior. I think it is easy to confuse two separate issues. The camera is a tool for creating images and that process is defined by our ...
  • This is a behavior I have not seen discussed before. I was slightly surprised by it myself. I haven’t yet attempted to quantify it, but I might have some free time over the next month. Certainly ...
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    If you calculated a 'focal length multiplier' when calculating equivalent focal length, then equivalent f-number is actual f-number times focal length multiplier.  Another way, the easy way with a ...
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    I forgot this extreme one of a bird I rarely encounter so I take what I can get.  This is cropped to 2700f/27 (!) with a noise equivalence of ISO 23,000 (FF equivalence) and only 3.8 megapixels ...
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    One more in between at about 1700mm equivalent (f/17 equivalent), this one at full size Cooper's Hawk
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    This one is roughly 2000mm equivalent as cropped and thus f/20 equivalent Juvenile Pie-billed Grebe This one is only about 1300mm equivalent and it is a reduced size but it still somewhat shows the ...
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    The amount of detail a lens delivers depends on its diameter, not its focal length. Focal length only determines how many pixels we get to keep when cropping to the AOV we desire, but we have ...
  • The big difference is likely f/1.2 versus your f/2.8.  One of the OP images is also 1/4000.  Just bumping yours up to 1/4000 should show a little more variation in exposure across the frame.  I ...
  • This is an EFCS issue. I don’t think this is a simple timing issue. I think this is one of the downsides to EFCS with fast shutter speeds and wide apertures. Let me attempt an explanation. Electron ...
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  • The ears, the eye ring, and the dark borders to the lighter side stripe look more Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel to me, but I often struggle with western ground squirrels.  Good captures either way.
  • For me, this is a non-issue. The image you showed looks like irrelevant levels of shutter shock for the purposes I might use the lenses that appear to be susceptible. None of the lenses I will ...
  • My last extensive experience with EVF was 2005.  Back then, I could pan the camera, stop, and then watch it catch up.  This EVF has no discernible lag to me.  It has presented no practical problem ...
  • I have never liked my 100-400 II with a 1.4X, but I only have the original Canon 1.4X, not the version 3. My problem with using the 1.4X on the 100-400 is primarily focus performance which might ...
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