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Ivan Voras: I hope that next time someone has the good sense to just go and buy that 38 MP sensor from Nokia for $500 and stick it somewhere on the rover. It doesn't have to be the "master camera", it doesn't need to be heavily advertised - they can call it an "auxiliary photon sensor" or something silly like that, it doesn't have to be mounted on a special robot hand or have fancy optics - whatever piece of gorilla glass Nokia stuck in there will work just fine, but when there's some Really Interesting Rock they want to look at, or hopefully even some moss or lichen, that is when that sensor will come to be really handy. And as a bonus, nobody will care if a $500 piece of electronics weighing next to nothing breaks 6 months after landing or looses 50% sensor pixels after being exposed to radiation for a year.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay !

Nevertheless, the Ivan's approach is very interesting.

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