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On article Huawei joins the "hole-punch" game with the Nova 4 (52 comments in total)

I'm way more okay with the notch than I am with this, the notch is symmetrical and the real estate on either side can be used well for things like battery status. This hole to one side just feels wrong on a lot of levels, figure out how to hide it behind the screen or get rid of it in favour of a small screen or mirror on the back of the phone for the selfie crowd.

The thing that really kills me on this one is that they still have a bezel on the bottom that is larger. Huh?

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robproctor83: Well, maybe they hired the model for another shoot to try and recreate the original, and then show how you can get the same results with a phone that you can with a DSLR! It's possible guys, you never know! :)

The model is the photographer... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Dunja+Djudjic

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G Sciorio: The worst thing is that Dunja Djudjic put up this photo for sale and no doubt it got paid crap to have his image used to miss represent a key product for a multi billion dollar company. BTW was there a model release provided?

Photographers of all skill levels need to learn that their art is WORTH MONEY. The work is good enough and companies are ripping you off. Know your worth my friends.

Dunja Djudjic is a she and is the photographer, and subject, of this photo. I think the model release was probably easy to obtain under the circumstances...

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I went from a 27" iMac to the top end of the last gen Surface Studio with no regrets. I'm happy with products from either company, but the Studio scratches a ton of itches from a photography and art perspective that the iMac can't do without also throwing on a very expensive Cintiq and a 24" version with touch is $2500. It's a nice piece of kit, but it's also spendy and, as I found with my smaller Cintiq, the experience with tools like Photoshop isn't as smooth as you think they'd be.

Room for improvement on the Surface Studio? Sure, but the base is pretty compact, the display is gorgeous, and the system performs very well. I'm not feeling it struggle with D850 files, the general operations on them are just fine. More horsepower is nice, but that often has a price tag in other areas, and I like my machine quiet and doing the job. The Studio delivered there.

Now, if Apple had this, I'd still be on a Mac...

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Killed my account as soon as I learned. Being the "Getty" of anything is not a selling point, to me, especially in a country noted for its casual disregard for copyright. Unfortunately, 500px is a bit like the mafia, you can never really leave it, since they don't truly delete your account. However, you can make sure you don't upload to it again.

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stevo23: And yet you're still stuck with a terrible OS on an unreliable device.

Yeah, sure, whatever you say stevo...

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stevo23: And yet you're still stuck with a terrible OS on an unreliable device.

@stevo23 - yes it does. Not only at the end user level, but the software engineer level. You don't code on something you don't use extensively, at least I don't. I've been using all of these platforms, extensively, for more than 20 years for a variety of reasons and purposes. I don't share your biases, none of them are without flaws.

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stevo23: And yet you're still stuck with a terrible OS on an unreliable device.

@stevo23 - Unlikely, I've been actively coding on all three platforms for more than 20 years, so it's not like I'm new to Windows.

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stevo23: And yet you're still stuck with a terrible OS on an unreliable device.

@Zakzoezie - not true... When it came time to replace my 27" iMac, I ended up on the top Surface Studio. When it came time to replace my MBP, I ended up with the Surface Book with Performance Base. The OS debate is dead to me, I have multiple Windows, OS X, and Linux machines, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I care about other things and, in that space, Apple dropped the ball this round.

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Daniel L: Butthurters already out protesting it's too expensive, too outdated and they already had the same technology years ago with their samsung....

Listen, you beloved Samsung could be half the price, 10x times the nonsense beta features, the iPhone X is a sell-out for months to come in every single countries.

They will even pay more to get one.

You should enjoy your Samsung while it's still working, don't worry about people appreciate the workmanship of a fine phone. It's not your money.

Actually, their market share is basically stable and so is their share of the market profits. The share of market profits, by the way, blows the doors off of all other competitors combined and is the one that actually matters. Unfortunately for competitors, market share hasn't translated to profit.

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MrBrightSide: Dudes: You forgot Fun Foam! Under $1 per 9x12 sheet and you can make fairly professional looking reflectors and snoots for your speed lights. It comes in black, white, and an amazing array of colors for tabletop photography. If you've never seen it, they are flexible sheets of closed-cell foam.
One of the most useful kinds has adhesive on the back so you can easily make white reflectors with black backing.
Buy it in art supply stores or stores catering to teachers. And if you find a teacher store, those places are amazing for props.

I did a blog post on that subject using velcro tape and foamies, with instructions for a speed strap, snoot, bounce card, etc... Very inexpensive and actually looks decent.


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The new Surface Pen is the big news for me, that's a major leap forward in capability for those of us with the Studio or Book. It's on my purchase list now.

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On article GIMP seeks funding for future advanced features (225 comments in total)
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spqr_ca: Affinity Photo would be my general recommendation to anyone looking to avoid Photoshop these days.

@merkaba - If people are turning to the GIMP on Mac/Windows, then they're looking to avoid paying a lot of money for software.

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On article GIMP seeks funding for future advanced features (225 comments in total)
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spqr_ca: Affinity Photo would be my general recommendation to anyone looking to avoid Photoshop these days.

@Drive - I did say Photoshop, not Lightroom. However, I don't have issues with their raw development, but mileage may vary. In comparison to other PS alternatives? I can't see what beats it, but Lightroom is a different discussion.

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On article GIMP seeks funding for future advanced features (225 comments in total)

Affinity Photo would be my general recommendation to anyone looking to avoid Photoshop these days.

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Scottelly: $1,800 for a 27" display? Because it has a touch screen and glass on the front and can be placed flat on the desk in front of you? Wow. That's GOOOOOOOD marketing! lol

It's QHD, unlike the one you linked below. It covers 100% of the Adobe RGB color space. It has an active digitizer and a capacitive surface and comes equipped with some additional items to speed up a graphic artist or retoucher workflow. It also checks in much cheaper than the 27" Cintiq which does less.

Clearly you're not in their target market if you're not seeing the difference...

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noflashplease: How much does a Korean 27" QHD display cost these days? Throw in a capacitive layer, delete the stand and there you go. Profit!

If Dell doesn't have a 500% to 1000% profit margin on this thing, something is very badly wrong. It's a 27" QHD display. Not even 4K!

It's $1,800 and it's just a 27" QHD monitor. Profit!

It covers 100% of Adobe RGB, has an active digitizer, capacitive surface, etc. Just finding a 27" display with 100% aRGB is already pushing towards $1500 and has none of the other features.

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Danny: The problem is that all these expensive add-ons are for a mobile phone, and with all the technological developments on the mobile market, mobile phones have such a short lifespan these days.

Phones do, but form factors and interfaces don't necessarily suffer there. As long as the modules can span over several generations, I don't see the issue. The combined set of this phone and it's current add ons is around the same price as an iPhone 7 plus with nothing added...

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A couple of weekends ago, my company brought a charity hackathon to Toronto (I'm trying not to be commercial, but check out http://giftthecode.ca for details, simply one of the best weekends of my life putting that on) and Dan Makoski, the head of design behind Project Ara at Google, was a guest judge. He had, with him, the Moto Z and that's basically the spiritual child of Ara in the end. He showed the phone, and all the gadgets you can get for it, to a lot of the participants at the hackathon and they went gaga over it.

I'm generally an iPhone guy, but I will say that this phone is pushing buttons in the gadget loving tech community. I think it'll be a hit. I'm still considering it, despite a pretty deep investment in the Apple ecosystem. It is really well done.

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On article Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod hands-on preview (153 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Speaking of "modularity" ... has anyone noticed that Google has scrapped their plans for their Project Ara modular phone?


This phone was announced just three months ago, amid very similar fanfare. It also promised multiple features modules that would snap on to provide greater functionality.

A few days ago Google killed the project, but said they are willing to license the technology to "someone else who wants to lose money on it." (or... words to that effect).

Actually, Ara goes back a lot further than that... The original project kicked off in 2012. My sense is that it's still ahead of its time to be modular to that level, but I like the experimentation mindset that created the project in the first place.

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