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  • Yes Fotga have had a nikon to M/4/3 adapter for a few years now but its all manual...used my nikon mount tamron 100-400 on my EM1 with mixed result hopefully theres something new out.
  • Hi peter yes think your right there the sigma got many positive reviews and maybe has the edge slightly in sharpness but if i remmber correctly i chose the tamron due to the fact the sigma doesnt ...
  • Yeah i have had this lens for over a year now, mainly used for bird photography, i would say its sharp enough for the money but not exceptional, best aperture F7 for me and shutter speed 3200 for ...
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    bird (Medium)
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    Thanks for posting , havent been to o"reillys for years , but i only live about an hour from there on the coast. planning on going up there in the new year for some bird shots. love the regent shots.
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    That would be a pretty good buy at that price, i would grab it i think. Mines still working and i use it a for  the rear dial issue i fixed mine a few years ago and still work perfectly. ...
  • I have the 11-20 ATX on a 7200 and love it.
  • I have only had the M11 version but as far as i no the only difference is cosmetic and a more scratch resistant coating on the front element. Other than that i think they produce the same result.
  • Yeah thats a crazy amount of money to in OZ like over 11.000 AUD Would be nice but think i could spend half that with nikon or canon for a birding outfit.
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    Wow beautiful the 2nd and third one.
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    I agree its curtains for olympus and i no many will disagree but JIP are not in the business of making cameras. lets just enjoy the equipment we have.
  • I know this thread is a few years old now but i thought i would add to it.....i have an EM 1and a Pen f...and couldnt understand why my cable release worked on the EM1 but not the Pen F...till i ...
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    Yes nice pic...although for me could be better if the model was wearing a bikini top rather than a dress?....why would she be swimming in her dress?

  • Possibly 2022 for anouncment, weight heavy, and cost well might be an idea to put the house on the market early.
  • If your going to get serious with macro i would start using MF and as someone said then the options get a lot better. As for the lens i would look more into the 100mm range and theres plenty of ...
  • All my cameras are set up for BBF and CAF  and no reason to go back.  Once you get use to it it just feels better and its more comfortable for me. Each to there own i think.
  • I just sold my tokina 100 ATX because i felt it just wasnt as sharp as my early version sigma 105. I use the sigma on a EM1 olympus and had the tokina on my nikon D7200. I did read the reviews on ...
  • Yes i totally agree with everything said above, i love my it early in the year just weeks before all the covid the look of it , maybe a few features missing but thats ...
  • Yes nice work, i live about an hour from o'reillys and been there a number of times but not in recent years....your lucky to spot one of these let alone get a shot of one Again well done.
  • This  is basically a sigma lens so sigmas rep for 100-400 lens is pretty good so i expect this new oly shouldnt be any different.
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