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My first serious camera was a Rolleiflex 4x4 ('reflex' dual-lens), followed by a Mamyia 500TL (24x36 SLR). I began taking slides, plus later B&W photos. I developed B&W films in my bathroom, and printed the negatives with a Meopta, later a Durst enlarger. I was a semi-professional in these film days (~35 years ago). I was using on a regular basis Leica R and Pentax K cameras. Around 2005, I had a tough time to transition from film to digital, the first digital cameras were terrible. From 2000 to 2015 my work didn't leave me enough time to practice photography seriously anyway. Now that I am retired and living on the North-East coast, I am enjoying photography again. Also, I got the 'ManualFocusOldLensesCollecting' virus.
Note that I made a big effort to list all my old lenses. Don't be astonished by the high 'I.Q.' scores (17-20/20): these lenses are all very good, I didn't keep the lesser ones. These I.Q. scores are made of resolution, contrast, flare, colors at different distances and aperture from center to corner, using an APS-C digital camera. For excellent samples: indeed, there are often more variation sample to sample than between lens models for these 30+ years old lenses!

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  • I had both. The Schneider was disappointing, just an average 50mm. The Zeiis planar 50/1.8 is exceptionally good, and was better center to corner in terms of contrast and resolution compared to ...
  • Well, the Zeiss 100-300/4.5-5.6 kills them all... I bought an inexpensive one with a 'line near the back of the optics'. There is indeed like a hair stuck in the middle... but totally invisible on ...
  • Buy one, or if you have one keep it. It is an excellent camera, probably more reliable than the X-T4, with its fragile IBIS system that sometimes lower the resolution at high shutter speeds.
  • Created discussion thread By accident, bad focusing
    Photo taken with Fuji X-T3 and 18-55/2.8-4.0. By accident, I was in Manual Focus, and not on infinity... But maybe is the photo better like that?
  • Created discussion thread Fabulous lens on Ebay
    Guys, I don't know about this specific sample, but the Leitz Colorplan 90/2.5 is the best, and I mean the best, slide projectors lens I ever used in 30 years of slide projections! If some of you ...
  • I disagree. The Pentax K or A 24/2.8 is very good. It is excellent in the center, it has excellent contrast from center to corner (better than most other brands), excellent colors and good flare ...
  • I wonder about the I.Q. of the 30/2.8, it has many glass elements. The 40/2.8 has a bad reputation. I had both the K and the M 120/2.8. The M is above average, the K below average in terms of ...
  • I had the 150mm f/3.5 Pentax M, Lighter and one third step aperture more. But it was very blurry at full aperture. I wonder if I had a 'lemon' or if they are all like that.
  • Damned! I wanted to know the weight of the Rayqual.
  • Created discussion thread Kindal - Rayqual adapters
    Does someone uses one of those? How good are they (exact length, tightness of mounts, reflections,...)? Are they heavy, mid-weight or light? I wonder if they worth their high price.
  • Replied in FSI vs BSI
    I would have one concern though the 'FSI' (Front Side Illumination) sensor, that could give you poorer results in the corners compared to a BSI sensor. I did see a difference between my Fuji X-T20 ...
  • Sorry to disagree with you, but my Tamron 350/5.6 is better than my Tamron 500/8, even if used on an Olympus camera with the Olympus 1.4x tele extender!

  • Anybody? I know this is very specific, but I would really appreciate information about this lens, thanks.
  • Created discussion thread Canon New FD 80-200mm f/4.0 L
    Excellent lens, but mine, despite looking 'Mint', has a lag in the focusing. My question: is this lens suffering from the 'ball bearings disease' of many Canon New FD lenses, or not? I read ...
  • The Minolta 24/2.8 MD-III is fantastic. Markedly better than the MD-II, which was identical to the Leica R.
  • Well, I tested the Tamron 350/5.6 and the 500/8.0 with and without 30.5mm filters (UV B+W Nano MRC). I cannot find any difference in sharpness! Same than you. But I do see a slight difference in ...
  • In my opinion, the MFT format is perfectly logical for an interchangeable lens system. Sensor sizes that were not logical were 1/1.7" (Pentax Q) and 1" sensors (Nikon 1). The big mistake of Olympus ...
  • These Canon cameras are not interesting to me: too expensive for their capabilities, not enough choice of lenses, lenses too bulky. IF photography is very important for you and IF you have enough ...
  • 'If the lens was designed to have a filter in that position, then you should use a filter in that position - or be prepared to do your own testing to determine what happens without it. The first ...
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