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justjash: I've had my eye on this camera for a while. I live in canada so I haven't had a chance to actually get my hands on one of these cameras to test it out. I would mainly be using this as an every day camera, but am planning on occasionally bringing this camera into the photo pit to get an ultra wide angle shot (w/ the 11-22 mm EOS M mount lens)

I Can't decide if I should go for the M2 or EOS M. do I really want to spend the extra $$ on the upgraded autofocus and wifi (which seem to be the only 2 significant upgrades)?

I own an EOS M2, bought it on eBay with the whole kit. Good things about it:

1- small, fits in my Lowepro AW inverse100 with a 50mm 1.4 lens attached to it in ONE pocket, si I can hold 2 cameras in this same beltpack!
2- faster than M, AF is pretty fast and if you disable the image review (it's unnecessary) it does the job
3- HSS al 1/4000 with YN 568EX and 568EX II as commander you can control groups of flashes the strobist way
4- you can use all EF/S lenses with the mount adapter

Bad things:
1- no Magic Lantern yet
2- no remote trigger port
3- battery sucks, buy at least 2 more (Halcyon batteries on Amazon can do the job)
4- LCD unsable under bright sunlight

You should get it before it is gone.

Cheers from Costa Rica.

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