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steve9119: One of the limitations of 360 VR is there is no where for the film crew to stand. Tripods, lights, microphones, the director, and all the other crew, need some where to hide. Maybe if we cut back to 180 degree or 270 degree surround, VR may become easier to create.....

This might not be a problem for some kinds of documentary film making...

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Regarding point 6, the differences between a technology that allows you to freely move around a virtual space, and 360 degree photo/video, in which you are stuck in the center of a spherical space (I include Facebook's parallax tech here) may not be limitations, so much as differences between related but separate media analogous to the differences between photography, cinematography and video games. Our expectations of each should be different, be they conventional or 360 degree. Also, as playing multiple photographs in rapid succession is cinematography, 360 cinematography becomes a VR video game when you can walk around a virtual space.

Also do not underestimate points 1 and 3 as they relate to 360 photo/video. Stereoscopic photography has been around since the 1860's. This and other 3D viewing tech have never caught on precisely because they require special equipment (e.g. glasses) to enjoy. So long as this is the case 360 degree photo/video is unlikely to achieve wide adoption.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (390 comments in total)
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Ben Herrmann: They announced this last year, so it's about a year old. I believe (I could be mistaken) that you may have mentioned this in the past.

Regardless of if they've stopped developing it, this suite is outstanding and will withstand the test of time. Too many excellent features to discard. And now that it's free, everyone should download the suite - you'll be glad you did.

Agreed. Great software. Also, this is not news. I recall the banner being up on their website for several months now.

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RichRMA: People are STILL paying $400+ for P&S's when interchangeable lens mirror-less cameras with the same or bigger sensors are available? Why?

It will never happen at the same price point. However, even though the "speed" of f2.8 is the same, this is only part of the picture. An f2.8 lens will allow greater control of depth of field on a larger format camera. Also, if all we are concerned with is "speed" then it could be argued that larger format cameras are more forgiving at high ISO.

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J D Tranquil: Thank you, Jeff. I've been a fan of yours for years and I'm glad to see your reviews here. Your reviews influenced my purchasing decision on some very good digital cameras. I'm very happy to see this head-to-head format and hope it continues.

I couldn't agree more. I got about 4 pages into this review and said to myself, "Did Jeff Keller write this?" Upon checking, I saw that of course he did.

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horsth: What's going on here. The Canon G15 gets gold with 76%, the Fuji X20 only silver with 77% ??

"There is no direct link between the overall score and the awards: they are not given automatically to cameras reaching a certain threshold. Crucially a camera can get an award even if a camera with a higher overall score didn't."

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On photo Fast Food in the Tailing challenge (2 comments in total)

Amazing shot.

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Brining in Jeff is a great idea. I hope to see continued collaboration in the future.

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