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astigmate: crappy program, doesn't worth a penny. I tried this latest version, can't even load a D7000 raw file, showing error "SubsampleScale1 Execution Error"

Save your money and use rawtherapee or LR

This is simply not true. I use DxO since v5 times, it has always been my favourite RAW converter for Canon EOS 10D, 40D, S95 and now for the Sony RX100 as well. It works like a charm and produces consistently good results.

What I also like about DxO is that if they support a camera, they do it completely, or not at all. Example: Fuji X10. LR supports the X10 RAW files since v3.6, but not the 6 MP modes, which are exactly those ones which make the difference of the X10 over other cams. Then I prefer the DxO approach to delay the support (or even not support it at all).

The conclusion that it is "crappy" from a single trial is simply invalid. Did you try to contact the DxO support to resolve your issue (which might be an installation or OS environment issue)?

Nevertheless, DxO is certainly not the ideal RAW converter for everyone. it comes down to a matter of taste which workflow behind the tool matches your ideas. DxO is definitely different in that matter, compared to e.g. LR.

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Timur, first of all a big "thank you" for figuring all this out and sharing it with us!

This camera is crazily complicated, but fortunately, you DON'T NEED to have all this in mind in practice. After reading this article, nobody should be discouraged and deterred from buying and successfully using this camera.
A simple recipe that works out fine (at least for me) is
- set RAW+JPEG (to always have the chance of postprocessing pictures that are not good in JPEG),
- set DR and ISO to AUTO,
- use picture size L under excellent light conditions and M under less good light conditions,
- work in PASM modes most of the time.

After more than 500 pictures under different conditions, I ended up with marvellous JPEGS for >95% of the pictures. I'm very happy with this camera.

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