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  • This does not probably solve the problem, but might help. On my G7 the LFV button is also fn5. It seems that the button is customized properly for you, but double-check from the "Custom" menu that ...
  • About a year ago, there was a fuss about Sony firmware upgrade program on Windows that needs full system access to run. It's unnecessary and a potential security risk, but personally I don't think ...
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    Cheers! I just hope this is somehow helpful considering the original problem!
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    SS is all about light cameras and/or light lenses (and the mirror and/or shutter) In the context of this thread, I am not going to do any more research about this myself. But if you can provide a ...
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    My understanding is that EFCS can in practice fully eliminate the shutter shock. There is no difference is sharpness compared to the fully electronic shutter. If I remember correctly, several ...
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    Panasonic introduced EFCS in 2013 I think (GM1?). Why it is not used in GX80/85 or GX9 is a mystery. However, these cameras do have the electromagnetic shutter that should eliminate most of it. I ...
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    Check out this thread (not just my post):
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    I try to use write "Micro Four Thirds (µ4/3)" the first time I use it, and afterwards only µ4/3. M43 is maybe the most often used, but I don't like it because it basically means MEGA Four Thirds ...
  • It is actually hard to say whether there is a problem with the camera/lens or not. When overexposing the light sources several stops/EV, these kind of things always become visible. It looks like a ...
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    As I think has been already mentioned, there is no need to shorten already short names like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Sigma, Leica etc. Samyang is sometimes referred as 'Samy', and perhaps ...
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    Like this: It's also possible to keep the camera secured against your body even you have a tiny belly. In this case, either move the camera to the left side of your body, or tilt the camera so that ...
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    Articulating screen actually allows keeping the camera closer to your body, but perhaps this was not the point.
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    Well, I am not going to argue about this, but for those who are interested, here is a link to the DPreview studio comparison .
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    All the current 16Mp sensor cameras don't have anti-aliasing (AA) filter. This is good, because in practice they can capture as much detail as older 20Mp sensors (GX8) that have AA-filter. The ...
  • First of all, are you using the creative movie mode? If not, then you are not controlling the shutter speed. It's explained here:
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    Probably not, but this can be ruled out by you tell us which lenses you are using. If you happen to be using old 4/3 lenses via adapter, then it's definitely the reason. The same applies if you ...
  • Improvements 3 and 4 are not shown (at least at the moment).
  • @Alec, it is very difficult to know/estimate what your friend have been doing.

    By the way, I believe the question was not about "the next 5 years", and not even "the next year" but the usual "the...

  • @GodSpeaks, of course you did not say that. The question mark should make it clear that you did not mean it. I respect you, but I also respect phone photographers. My point is that there are no...

  • You can put the keys in your DSLR backback, because you want to have your camera with you all the time. But if this is the case, you don't need this product at all.

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