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  • This may be a stupid question, but what did the 1/8th (or whatever) second anti-shock actually do with the older Olympus bodies? Was it the idea simply to prevent shock from camera handling? I ...
  • ( Bolding by me). This is an interesting theory. Did you try with OIS-only and IBIS-only? Any differences? The 14-140mm mk I had M.E.G.A. OIS, whereas some shutter-shock prone lenses, such as the ...
  • Replied in Good deal
    This is a very good deal!
  • Replied in Alces alces
    Maybe I was unclear but that's what I wanted to say. Perhaps for clarity, it would be the best to always use the North American word "moose" (in conjunction with the scientific name Alces alces ).
  • It's called vapiti or kanadanhirvi in my language. So wapiti seems to be the correct answer.
  • Elk can refer to two different animals. Alces alces is called elk in Eurasia. The same animal in North America is called moose . In North america, Cervus canadensis is called elk .
  • It's about the amount of information. For humans/animals it's probably best to have as much in focus as possible. If you are driving a car at high speed (>80km/h or >50mph) and and Elk (in ...
  • I like the colors and exposure (on my screen).
  • Replied in G85?
    Consider also G80/G85. Note that I am not talking about GX80/85, although that can be a good option, too.
  • Definitely. And this is often the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur. A professional photographer needs to get the shot no matter what, whereas an amateur is happy even ...
  • Also the camera automatics work differently: (1) For normal video, camera favors slow shutter speeds, as motion blur is preferred.
  • If you look at the official specifications, the µ4/3 cameras have "live MOS" sensors, meaning that they have been specifically designed for live view (being constantly on). Traditionally, this is ...
  • I wonder how does the ergonomics of E-M1 mk II compare against G80/G85?
  • 4k is about 8 Mp (megapixels), but the still images do not contain compressed data of 8MB (megabytes). Or do you mean what you wrote, because 8Mb = 8Mbit = 1 MB (one megabyte)? At 30fps All-intra ...
  • At least you don't have to change your habits because of me, because I am never again reading your posts (you are now the second person ever on my ignore list).
  • Replied in Writers rights
    If someone's personal preference is not care about the people reading their messages, then I cannot even wish them good luck. These messages are not public notes to other writers. I'm sure that ...
  • Replied in Basic netiquette
    Boing! Basic netiquette! What a lovely thing! Back in the days the violators were punished! Why not anymore? The old rule also says that, in general, in a message there should be more new text than ...
  • I googled it*, and from firmware v4 the camera supports focus stacking: The answer to the macro flash question may be ...
  • There are a couple of things here: 1. The version of the lens. Many lenses only have one version, like Panasonic Leica 15mm f/1.7. There is no need to mention the version of these lenses. Mk I (v1) ...
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