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Michiel953: My digital life started summer 2008 with a well discounted D200 and a zoom. Can't remember much except for the good handling, the solid build, the Nikon feeling. And that at that time I didn't know the difference between Jpeg and Raw, and didn't know what "post-processing" was, how autofocus worked or didn't work, etc etc.

Early 2010 I traded it in for a D700 and a 24-70. Got rid of the 24-70 quickly in exchange for some Zeiss primes. But that (I know it's not the D3) camera really started it off for me. What a great sensor, what a great camera. Used it for three and a half years, sold it to a pro as a second D700, then went the D8xx route.

Only niggles: slightly too big, slightly too heavy, peeling thumbrest cover, usb doors flopping open all the time... Not much really.

I've had D700 images printed to 60x40 cms, and if well exposed, nothing to fault there.

I should never have sold it ;-)

Great article once again Barney!

Get rid of the D810 and get a Df while it's going cheap?

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rightwinger: A bigger game changer for me was the D700, released as a poor man's D3, it had the same sensor. My first full frame digital body, it still stands up well to the latest and greatest gear....A killer low light performer!

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Nikon 79: Btw...i have 300-350 bucks to spend for my first tripod.
I use Nikon D800E and D700 with my heaviest zoom lens around 1kg.
Could you please suggest me a nice tripod in this price range?

Thanks :-)

Thanks a lot for the info and suggestions :-)

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Btw...i have 300-350 bucks to spend for my first tripod.
I use Nikon D800E and D700 with my heaviest zoom lens around 1kg.
Could you please suggest me a nice tripod in this price range?

Thanks :-)

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sirhawkeye64: For those who like to say that since this doesn't have a BSI sensor it's a no go for them, and they are entitled to their opinions. But just consider the D750, which also didn't have a BSI sensor, had an AA-filter, but is among one of the NIkon's top pro-sumer enthusiast cameras for the past 5-6 years with IQ that rivals even an A7 II or III. I think the real telling will be in the comparisons between the Sony's, Z6 and D750/D780 among others, of which I'm sure will be coming along shortly....

Here's another way to think about it... you can buy a 5-6 year old D750 (new) for $100 more than you can buy this camera, which seems to inherit a lot of the characteristics, and adds things like IBIS, faster max shutter speed, EFCS, etc, at the cost of no top deck plate, and cropped 4k among other "minor" details.... (of course, the D750 didn't even shoot 4k though so cropped 4k IMO is better than no 4k).

D700 of 12mpx...
Sorry guys...

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NikonD2X: Nikon D700: The affordable FullFrame Miracle Nikon

Using my D300 for Basketball-shooting I avoided ISO 1600, even ISO 1000 as often as I could. Then came the D700! ISO 1600, 3200, 6400, 8000 and even if necessary ISO 10.000. What an ease! Please enjoy my D700-report from 2008:

Among thousands of great hight iso, D700 shot...some of them

6400 iso…/photolist-aNQZdt-6vUbWu-GVa6MR-96y…

6400 iso…/photolist-9o79yj-6BMZzu-bKFVkP-RuM…

6400 iso…/photolist-61NR3K-6hAK45-6KDM4W-k5g…

12800 iso…/photolist-c1JwJU-buDUAg-c1JA1q-7V…/

12800 iso…/photolist-5r83dc-5f7GMc-5fc4n1-5f…/

12800 iso…/photolist-5r83dc-5f7GMc-5fc4n1-5f…/

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Running on empty: The D780 has got DOA written all over it. It's clear both Nikon and Canon see mirrorless as the future. People aren't going to fall for this parts-bin, rebadged D750.

At the price of a xqd i could buy a D700 with a cf 32gb :-)

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anwiko: A shutter sound comparison between D750 and D780 would be a great element of the full review!

I use my D700 all the time! ;-)

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marc petzold: DSLRs won't phase out the next couple years, even into 2-3 decades, for the masses, yes....but not as a Userbase worldwide. The reason is, there are millions, m-i-l-l-i-o-n-s of DSLR Lenses being out "into the wild", and not everyone, hence -everybody wants to use a DSLM, or "Mirrorless", because it's the cats ass, like the americans say, or the latest sh*t.

Futher, there are many people, incl. myself, which do prefer a 100%, bright quality pentaprism OVF, instead of a EVF. And when DSLRs aren't anymore being produced? Who cares - the Lenses do live on much longer, than any DSLR Body.

Don't believe it? SLRs are being "dead" since basically the early 2000s - who cares? I am having lots of fun, whileas still being using it. Thankfully, not everyone, -body is being a techfreak, does have G.A.S. syndrome or is being considered a GearHead, and does always need the latest & greatest Gear.

Some are just happy to make photographs, with any gear, despite the age of it, it's just a tool. :)

Spot on!!!

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Already an owner of 3 stunning D700! So ...i am watching the Nikon tries eating my popcorn

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onlyfreeman: I knew it all along, Ricoh wants to dominate the DSLR market.

i enjoy my two D700's and their great files every single day.It doesen't need expensive glasses to shine.It is heavy but build as a tank.
It has just 12mpx but precious ones.Its colours come from another planet.
Write a list with the specification it doesn't have and i will saw you an incredible shot from it for every spec is missed! :
In my case i will not come back to dslrs because i will never go to mirrorless :-)

3...2...1... Now you can try to change my mind! :-)

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I have d700.d750.d800e.
I try hard to love the shots of d750 and d800e as much as i love the D700 shots.
I have never managed to explain why.12mpx on a large sensor? large pixels in large sensor? Just colours?
I really don't know and i have not the technical knowledge to agree or disagree with all you guys.
But i really every time end up to leaving my other two cameras in their bag.

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mostlyboringphotog: "Then, in addition to this, we've shot the D810 in crop mode using the same lens as was used on the D7000."
Does this mean a DX lens was used on D810 for the crop mode?
If so, even a larger sensor with lower SNR from a crop lens will be as noisy as the crop sensor.

"Note that the full frame sensor performs better than the APS-C sensor, ..." It seems the FF sensor performs better only when the illuminating lens provides higher SNR output.

Hi all
Here is London 2018..
I really tried to follow the comments but my knowledge is very limited.
I just want to ask.Is the 101% larger pixel area of my D700 an advantage comparing with the D610 sensor?

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NearlySatient: Do you have information on the difference between the two cameras when viewing through the viewfinder?
I'd expect more magnification on the D750 - which means a lot for me personally.

Sorry about this comment but with these great cameras,i am starting to feel very weird and sad that owning just my poor D5300 :-(

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