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Suntan: Three and a half pounds for a 40l pack is pretty heavy.

Especially when the hip belt looks flimsy as all get out. I'm skeptical there will be adequate weight transfer to the hips.

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zzzxtreme: Will there be a smaller version (with same sensor but mirrorless and less features) somewhat?

That would require an entire new lens line. While not impossible, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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IMO, the less expensive lowepro photo hatchback is a more secure design and at least has pockets for water bottles, and a (meager) waist strap, both useful for actual hiking.

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winkalman: This camera may be nearly unbeatable for backpackers and landscape photographers. Weather sealed, GPS, multi-shot image quality should at least match (and quite possibly exceed) the D800e, small (by DSLR standards), and relatively affordable. They need to get these things into REI or some other premium sporting goods store.

@wootpile, Depends on your choices. I use my K3 with 18-135 + DA35 for backpacking. I'd take a DA* if I had the money to buy one. Sure, it defies the recent trends towards ultralight setups, but it's a luxury I choose. Counter the weight by choosing lighter gear elsewhere.

All that said, if I were starting today and knowing what I know now, I probably would go with an OM-D EM5 for the weight and space savings.

If Pentax designed a decent compact and weathersealed APS-C mirrorless option, with an adapter for K-mount lenses, I'd certainly consider it. If they made a WR Ricoh GR, that'd be heavenly too.

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kemal erdogan: I believe the name change marks that a full frame K-1 is on the corner

...said every FF wishing Pentaxian for every release since the K10.

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Sergey Borachev: K-5 had the best IQ for APS-C cameras. The closest was D7000. These 2 cameras were head and shoulders above others.

After 2 years, you would expect a big improvement, but what we see is in the K-5 II is next to nothing in the context of IQ improvement, when you realised that more and more cameras have essentially the same IQ. NEX-7 (which also has 24MP), and X-Pro1, X-E1 have arguably better IQ. NEX-5N, NEX-5R, and most likely the NEX-6, and some entry level DSLRS all have equivalent IQ. Then there are the E-M5, E-PL5, E-PM2 and GH3, and many more that have an IQ that is very close, but much more compact in size, not to mention significantly better features, e.g. AF.

What's the point?

Build quality, sealing, excellent controls, and, as you mention, excellent IQ for what will likely drop to a ~$1000 USD body.

The point is value, and Pentax has always had that in spades.

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waxwaine: Where are those people claiming for a old 50s digital SLR like OMD5? Saving for the US1400? Better get a K-30 + Q/ limiteds.

"If you adjust the working distance to get the same framing then you have deeper DOF."

Exactly. If you're going to crop in on the APS-C anyway, sure, then it's a moot point.

But if you have intentions to isolate a subject at a specific composition within the frame, you've gotta back away and go wider in m4/3s to get a similar result. So, functionally, it's still not the same.

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waxwaine: Where are those people claiming for a old 50s digital SLR like OMD5? Saving for the US1400? Better get a K-30 + Q/ limiteds.

Sensor size is part of the DOF equation. Smaller sensors have less control on the shallow end. Putting a Pentax lens on a m4/3 camera will not produce the same DOF as a camera with an APS-C sensor.


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Peadingle: Rather disappointed as a long-time Pentax fan looking to buy a DSLR. Why? Because the K-30 doesn't have an articulating viewing screen that my current two digital cameras have, and a feature that I am not now prepared to be without.

I'm no camera engineer, but one of Pentax's big schticks is weather and environment sealing. It may be that they feel an articulating LCD compromises that feature too much.

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kryten61: Hey didn't Pentax release a 645D about 2 years ago?
How many lenses have they gotten to market since its release?
Maybe they should make this a priority?
Also What advantage does a Mirrorless system really have when it still has the retrofocal elements that allow a mirror to be there, But they just leave the mirror out? Surely the MAJOR reason for a Smaller mirrorles camera system is that its smaller? I like Pentax, but really? an adaptor would have been a more elegant solution to backward compatibility? No?

The K01 is the size it is because it retains compatibility with Pentax's full K mount lenses.

Want a smaller aps-c MILC from Pentax? Then be prepared to invest in an entirely new line of lenses, or buy an adapter which would negate all your size savings anyway.

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bigdaddave: Why do people want face detection in a RAW converter?

Are they incapable of recognising a face themselves?

graybalanced nailed it.

Even if you don't care for the "fun" aspect of it. It's a great way to quickly populate hundreds or thousands of photos with relevant tag information.

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Jogger: If he doesnt like, just go somewhere else. Easy peasy. Crying about it will do nothing.

Giving exposure to wide consumer sentiment about the stupidity of a business decision can certainly have effect. See Netflix.

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