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Seems as most of you don't read on your mobile devices so you can't appreciate the high ppi (or are just old/farsighted).
I'm very thankful for Apple pushing high ppi displays. Popularizing and driving prices down with insane volumes.

Though I would not touch (never mind buying) an Apple device with a ten foot pole over the internet.
Will wait till the competition gets out with similar res displays.
The PPI is actually the only thing missing from my obsolete phone and relatively newish, but already 2 generations behind, tablet (HD2 and Transformer).

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Souciantmag: What a puff piece. It's not journalism - it's an ad.

Barney, apple's strategy is letting their users do the advertising for them.
No one is seriously thinking that you're on apple's payroll, you're do are doing it for free.
The best advertising there is.

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jvacierto: Thanks for the article, I for one don't have an iPhone but I'm looking forward to getting a new one when the new iPhone is announced and guess what, the reason I want to get one is because of the photos it's capable of taking! So what if the photos aren't technically as good as what comes from my DSLR? I do agree that the main point with the iPhone is having fun, like with a Polaroid or a lomo camera. That's why I still use my dad's film point and shoot cameras sometimes, because it's fun to go back to the mind set of just taking photos without worrying about all the technical stuff. If the iPhone is good enough for Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, and the other fantastic photographer out there, it should be good enough for everyone.

The new iphone 4s uses the Sony Exmor R cmos sensor. You could have gotten Experia Arc with the same sensor a year ago.

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