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  • Yes Dealers have some stock but Nikon UK themselves don’t.
  • I am about to buy a Z6 but Nikon UK have no stock of the kit with with 24-70 and FTZand would guess stock may be low on a lot of items so probably not much incentive to offer any deals until this ...
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    Thanks for the suggestion, think I will just start with single 64gb XQD card as probably wont need more until current situation has resolved and can then decide if want to switch to CFe later.
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    Thanks for the various replies, not possible to buy from a shop in the U.K. at the momentso will have to be online so will be difficult to find out the firmware version so think probably safer to ...
  • Created discussion thread CFe or XQD
    Am about to buy a Z6 but not sure which way to go with the memory cards. Could anyone tell me which brands/type of CFe cards definitely work with a Z6 and if there is a major advantage one way or ...
  • He couldn’t do it with the 70-300 as Nikon don’t make a TC that fits it. I don’t see what point you are trying to make, are you saying that unless you buy a very expensive prime you would be ...
  • Don’t see the relevance, It’s fairly obvious, the $6000 prime will give you better results with or without the same TC
  • Sorry wasn’t meant as a reply to your post but to the OP’s
  • Have a read of the following https://backcountrygallery.com/use-teleconverter-crop-image/ But as mentioned above you cant use a Nikon TC with the 70-300 not sure if you can get a 3rd party one ...
  • Using the word maximum implies that Nikon say you shouldn’t use lenses heavier than this so just clarifying.
  • There is no maximum weight just a recommendation not to carry using the camera strap if you are using a lens above 1300g From the user manual: (1) When using the adapter with lenses weighing over 1300 ...
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    That was actually a typo should have been Z7 with 70-300 FX
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    Thanks Steve a copy of the NEFS would be great
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    Thanks that is very helpful, don’t suppose you have done a comparison same crop from Z6 and Z7 using the 70/300?
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    No it would be the 70-300 FX version which is 5.6. Hence same as the 300 plus 1.4 Tc. Unless someone has samples from both combinations to compare it sounds like it might be a close run thing so ...
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    Going FF isn’t just about what size I tend to print to. I wouldn’t want to crop that much with the Z6 hence why am considering the Z7, and as you say numbers can be misleading. I doubt I would be ...
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    Not possible to go and test anything at the moment.
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    Thanks for the replies and differing opinions, still sticking to single body and 2 would bust the budget anyway. Just looked back through my India trip photos, this was basically a tiger safari ...
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    Have a large fast SSD Will stick with 24-70 f4 whichever body. As per first post, landscape, macro, wildlife, shoot raw (use C1 with Fuji but may change) photos are for me, friends and family, ...
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    Guess that’s really my question, for wildlife where I will need to crop which is better Z6 with 300 f/4 PF or Z7 with 70-300 DX or is there a better lens option for the Z7 roughly similar ...
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