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cosinaphile: its sad that the tiniest, worst performing sensor in existence has come to dominate what passes for a camera in 2016 .. its popularity is , for me , the result of laziness and lack of sophistication and knowledge and fear of the tech side of cameras in these times where the average person lack intellectual depth and broadness of knowledge and a desire to understand technology, nature science & the human condition .. superficiality has replaced the polymath, as the phone has replaced the camera

ameraphone are not dominating cause they are good but because they serve the cult of the selfie and the pathetic culture of facebook and twitter and other pseudoconnected nonsense that has replaced genuine human culture ... and they are easy ... and you dont have to think it.. there is no commitment or work or effort ... perfect for our souless , stupid superficial times we live in ... i find that pathetic and profoundly disheartening .
buy a decent compact ... youll be better for it

Give it up, the battle has been lost. I'm selling my iphone this week.

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princecody: @Barney which iPhone 7 are you buying or do you get both for FREE since you write reviews?

It's a phone. With a miniscule sensor. Would you ever see a photography student at university using an Iphone to complete their assignments?

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Boss of Sony: Pro photographers are all selling their full-frame cameras to get one of these.

Oh come on! It's a phone, with a teensy weensy sensor that you would need a magnifying glass to see. How on earth can anyone consider selling a full frame for this?! How could this phone take the shots that you bought your full frame for? This is all getting totally Alice in Wonderland.

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WizardOfOss: I'm pretty worried about 10.5, more specifically this part: "It's safe to assume that there are a lot of people talking about the words 'Bokeh' and 'Raw' today who had never heard the terms before Apple's launch event this week."

History learns us that within a few days that same lot of people will "know" that Apple invented both bokeh and raw, and will claim that every other camera manufacturer copied Apple.

I think it's worth purposely "blinding" yourself to the unsavoury aspects of Apple just to use amazing apps like icolorama, mextures, artstudio and lensflares etc. But I have to say, after using the iphone 6s plus for about 6 months I am pretty shocked at how poor it is in comparison with my Samsung Note 4. The design is quite simply appalling and has actually put me off using it for photography. The iPad on the other hand, is great.

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Triplet Perar: That's it — Apple will come out with four sensors, and four lenses!
And spend a great deal of rhetoric to convince us it is the next big thing.

Why? Apple have the best apps. Game over.

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On photo IMG_0426 in ChrisKramer1's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Eurowings flight to London Heathrow, flying excitedly close to the capital!

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Photo of container ship at Bremerhaven, Circular, ArtStudio, Lenslight, Mextures

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On photo G3X Plane over Azerbaijan in ChrisKramer1's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Taken from a plane on the way to Azerbaijan. Only edited in LR. Not much dynamic range, but processing the jpeg with icolorama on IOS (enhance + LUT + vibrance + exposure) can produce suprisingly good results. The film emulations on Mextures are also worth trying. I don't care about the noise.

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Kiwisnap: I hoped the iPad Pro would be the first actually useful iPad: It wasn't.

I bought a Surface Pro 4 instead and run full Adobe CC, USB 3 hard drives and so on. The iPad is a solution to a problem that does not exist - it is nothing more than a 'nice thing'. A Surface Pro is more use and a Kindle better to read on.

I bought a Surface Pro 3 to use Photoshop but it was not a happy experience. First, the model (i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD) was not powerful enough, which often led to to input lag and stalling. Second, the fan came on regularly and loudly and the tablet became very hot. Third, I did not like the pen input, which displayed a slight but annoying lag. Finally, Photoshop had the same interface as for PC which I found unusable on such a small screen. The backstand did not feel very sturdy either and I was constantly aware of not being able to put too much pressure on it.

Personally, I far prefer ArtStudio or Pixelmator, which have an interface designed for tablets. I would also rgue that RAW may not be important when using such software, because users will be working with multiple layers to create their own images.

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Jim Evidon: More bells and whistles to keep you buying the newest, latest and useless gadgets.
What's next? A life-sized hologram you can converse with?

Better than talking to a jacket and hat on a chair...

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (496 comments in total)

I don't think it "destroys" the competition at all. Look at it! It is a Bismarck of a camera. With a price to match. The killer feature of the G3x is VERY good image quality at 600m and a compact form. After owning the Sony RX10 for little under a year, I sold it mainly because of its bulk. That and the fact that the f2.8 was little more than a marketing gimmick. I had to stop down to f4 to get decent results.

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On article 2016 Roundup: Enthusiast Long Zoom Cameras (185 comments in total)

I agree with all the comments on the GX3 but would only add that size and weight in practice outweighs everything else. I'm going out now, and - yet again - have just taken my Fujifilm xt1 with 55 - 200 out of my bag and replaced it with the Gx3.

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On article Miggo wants to 'DSLR your iPhone' with the Pictar grip (131 comments in total)

Personally, I imagine a future where my phone powers everything: hifi system, desktop computer, TV, etc etc. In fact, you can already do this with your phone. Photography on the other hand is problematic. I love using my iPhone 6s plus for photography but it has obvious limitations in lens size and sensor quality. On the other hand, the effects that can be achieved with the apps available are incredible. So you need a case that removes the limitations of the iPhone whilst harnessing its potential. To date, only Sony have tried to do this with their stick on lenses.

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newe: no windows version = no news

I have a Mac mini and I have a Windows 10 desktop. As I use Word 90 percent of the time, I do not notice the difference. Most importantly though, both run Bro Force.

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LukeDuciel: I'd be greatly disappointed if Mr. Cook did not push dual cam into VR or at least some immersion experience. This is what Apple as industry leader should do. So far the dual cam on Huawei or LG serves only as a gimmick.

I recently bought an iPhone 6s plus. The apps are truly sublime: icolorama, mextures, artstudio, lensflare, etc. etc. . Photo quality is excellent too. Only wish the lens was 35mm equivalent but that is just dreaming...

Link | Posted on Apr 8, 2016 at 16:28 UTC

The question is, do all the people looking at my perfectly colour calibrated picture do so on screens that are also perfectly calibrated?

Nicer screen and stereo speakers are good. Stylus support is good for artists but otherwise not such a big deal ( I used to think it essential but after 2 galaxy notes and a note pro, I think it a pretty useless feature), 4 gb ram - for video and artists maybe useful. I like the idea of 128 gb ram but at 849 euros, the upgrade is not really worth it.

I will stick with my ipad air 2 for now and maybe get one of these on asgoodasnew or in 6 months...

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On article In Photos: Iceland captured in infrared (77 comments in total)

Some of the shots are very striking: no.1 reminds me of Ridley Scott's style inPrometheus (also shot in Iceland). Generally, however, I get little IR 'feel'. Foliage, lakes and clouds work best with IR whether in BW or faux colour.

By the way, the Fuji system cameras are excellent for unmodded IR photography. I have used the 14mm with a 720 hoya IR filter with excellent results. There is a faux colour profile you can download for use with Photoshop which saves a lot of time. Only thing is that you have to watch out for hotspots on tne lenses. 14mm, 35mm 1.4 and 50-200 mm lenses are AOK. Apparently, the X-Pro1 is an IR star, although the XT-1 is also good. The X100 has also received praises for its unmodded IR performance. Apparently, the later models display a faint hotspot at some apertures.

You should visit Mark Hilliards "Detailed Fuji X-Pro 1 Infrared Tutorial" for further details and some great examples.

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Totally correct. Digital cameras are a catastrophe. In film days, my Pentax MG was aperture control only. ISO was determined by the film you bought (generally 100) and the lens was 35mm and fixed. Job done. Focus and press the shutter, trying to ensure the shutter speed was 125 or above. No complexity, just concentrating on what you were photographing.

The saddest experience was trying to find camera for my late brother. Having suffered a breakdown, photography was one of the few things he was interested in. It was heartbreaking failing to find a digital camera as simple as the old film ones, which he felt comfortable with. Oh well, the past is a different country as they say.

As for me, about 50 percent of my photography is now on my mobile phone. My cameras and lenses - Fuji X-T1 and XE2, Sony Rx100 were all bought from a second-hand retailer. As good as new, they cost me about half to two-thirds of the new price.

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