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  • @howaboutraw

    I'm not making anything up - that's your job. click on the link.

    ME: Have you actually...

  • HowaboutRAW by his own admission doesn't even own a camera. His opinion is genuinely irrelevant to any discussion on here about anything.

    The a6500 is leagues better than this camera. The Leica...

  • What a childish comment. It does take pictures 'properly'.

    It's not in any way illogical to have an algorithm that removes sparkles one pixel wide at 42mp in night exposures longer than 3.2...

  • @rbach44
    'This is the reason why I left Sony an have never looked back… '

    'Personally, this issue doesn’t matter to me'

    Funniest troll post ever.

  • It's only year old. I think that is the very least you could expect.

  • @9VII
    I think you're trolling here. I've never heard of IBIS failing or breaking. And as I said it can't break in a way that will affect the picture quality or focussing. It would just cease to...

  • If you bothered to read any other posts you'd have the answer to your question. 90% of comments are about the CA.

  • @BlueBomber
    Succinctly explained.

  • It's just you. You keep talking about things you clearly know nothing about. You can put the battery from the A99II into Sony's first DSLR from 2006. In fact from 2006 up till 2017 they have used...

  • @angrymagpie
    Most of the best photos ever taken were taken with a four element uncoated lens or similar.

    But this is a gear review site. Complaining about an emphasis on testing and image quality...

  • @9vII
    It's not a lens test. Try to ignore the differences in optics. The widget demonstrates sensor performance.

  • Why would it be?

    It took the A7rII two and a half years to be replaced. The A7II was released 3 years ago and has not yet been replaced.

    The A6000 has also not been replaced - after almost four...

  • @9V11
    I still have my Sony A100 from 2006. The IBIS still works perfectly. Why would it fail?

    In fact the sensor can't be out of position, It never moves outside of the imaging circle...

  • @Anulu
    And yet you felt the need to link to DXOmark... :)

    Back in the real world, the MTF curves of ten samples tested on an optical bench trumps your statement about the one lens you own,...

  • @I'll take Olaf over your opinion if you don't mind. :)

    Did you actually look at Roger's curves? And 10 copies tested on an optical bench beats 1 lens tested on Imatest at god knows what distance...

  • @Sdaniella
    Whilst there are no style rules for posting here, I think as a curtesy to other users you should at least attempt to make your posts readable. You can't possibly believe you are making...

  • @Anulu
    It's not that sharp actually, for its focal length.

    The 55/1.8 is better - as is the Nikon 85/1.8. I...

  • @Yake
    You're well into the domain of special pleading. IBIS is a technical aid to picture taking - like AF, or auto-ISO. Is it essential - no. Does it make it possible to take photos at slower...

  • Not sure where you guys are going with this IBIS vs OIS argument. The trend is to have both. The last four teles from Sony (100STF, 70-200/2.8, 70-300,100-400) have OIS that works in conjunction...

  • You can definitely see the years of design expertise and ergonomic knowhow that went into the Canon mug. They really know mugs.

    The Sony mug is like a toy in comparison (although you can still...

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