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goodeggproductions: How they gonna say the "first anamorphic" lenses for micro 4/3rds, like SLR Magic just doesn't exist??

Comments that are described as DPR Staff, re: Damian Demolder, do not show up under the DPR Staff index tab.🤔🤔

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jeffcarlson: I pity the poor assistant who has to sit on the other side of a table from the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR: they'll have to wear beach clothes all year round from the heat output! 🔥🔥 😁

Do not forget to upgrade your computer room’s A/C too😀
And your A/C’s electric bill😀😀

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm GFX 100 (580 comments in total)
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Zoom Zoom Zoom: :
Today walking by a used camera mall in Hong Kong I found a total of 3 M*I*N*T condition GFX50s for sale for less than 2 grand.. literally like new (body only of course). Sorry folks but this thing will be at about a 3rd of new price on the second hand market within a couple years and even faster will become more irrelevant as soon as there is a higher-res 35mm FF camera on the camera because bottom line is that this is NOT medium format.. just barely larger than than FF and part of a new ecosystem with very few lenses available (albeit truth be said, great ones for the few available now). All this said, yes, its an amazing camera, does pack amazing tech and several firsts into a ''medium format'' body.. a body that by the way, is probably the positively ugliest and most insipidly inspired camera I HAVE EVER SEEN.. after the Sony Mavica that is :)

@pentaust - except Leicas😀

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samfan: I'd really like to know who is buying all these cine lenses that they are even worth making?

I mean exotic telephotos' costs are almost a running joke in the photography community, as in every camera (er, lens) maker sells maybe a couple thousands of any particular model family during a few decades.

Now I'd think there are more photographers than film makers, and yet in the last few years there's been an onslaught of fast cine lenses at prices just as high.

Yes I get it that cine lenses are always expensive because the market is small, but that makes me even more curious as in how so many models can exist in such a limited market. How many wide fast cine primes are there?

Are lenses so prone to destruction during filming that they need replacing so often? Or are film makers always looking for a new look that they need a choice from a dozen similar lenses?

Not dissing, really curious.

Could it be the rental houses?
I too wander about how rich filmmakers are.
To paraphrase an old saying: You can make a small fortune in the film making business, if you start out with a large fortune.

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This is not a “copyright” lawsuit.
It is about using the ‘image’ of someone for profit ; without permission
AFAIK there was a court case (civil) ~1890-1900 - the held that using someone’s image, for profit, without permission, was illegal. Again, AFAIK it did not relate to copyright.

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On article Widen your window: a message to landscape photographers (240 comments in total)

Thank you for your thoughts.
Of course you may be working under the tyranny of deadlines or events {like solar eclipses}.

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@DPR “... quickly it requires the eye...”
did you mean: “...quickly it acquires the eye...”?

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Jon555: But if the sensor is at 90 degrees to the lens you either need a really thick phone or you're in for a small sensor?!?

What sensor size can these folded optics accommodate?

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Paulo Ferreira: The kodakish website behaves in the same way as a company that has photographers, software writers, writers, copywriters, engineers, designers etc. on their payroll... They never "own" the intellectual produce they did when working for them. It's the companies themselves that own the rights of everything that us published by them. Just go to the site and see if you can spot a photo ir text stating "image by" or "written by".

These days “healthcare” and “pensions” (and “paid holidays”?) are NOT a given.

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W5JCK: Read the contract before signing. If you sign you agree to its terms, and therefore have no legitimate grounds for complaining. You always have the right to walk away from it by refusing to sign and seeking employment elsewhere. I'm not sure why people get upset over things like this. As long as the company is up front in their contracts, there is nothing underhanded going on. You might not like the terms, but again, you don't have to sign it.

It is not so good if those are the ONLY terms ANYONE will offer you.

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J A C S: I wonder what have they being smoking.

Or Drinking!

Link | Posted on Jan 23, 2019 at 19:11 UTC

What is new about this?
Companies have been doing these contests ~”forever” with similar fine print.

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Also see Wikipedia:

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KWNJr: I seem to remember a keyboard like this. It used LEDs in the "keycaps". The keyboard got warm when turned on. It cost even more than thuis one.

@Hubertus - the Maximus Optimus sounds like the keyboard I remember.

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I seem to remember a keyboard like this. It used LEDs in the "keycaps". The keyboard got warm when turned on. It cost even more than thuis one.

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Before I ever posted on DPR I always recommended it to people looking for a camera. I told they that DPR would tell them "more than they ever wanted to know about a camera".
Thank you for a wonderful site. I find it very interesting and informative.
Good fortune to you and Kai's career. Are you his teams photographer?

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Clint Dunn: 'Bowie says the insurance company is currently working on its own investigation and is expected to settle, albeit for far less than what Ffordes paid for the equipment'

Oh look, another insurance company ripping off consumers. Insurance is sold to consumers on the basis of fear. What consumers should really be afraid of is how many insurance companies actually protect you the way you would think they should.

Case in point is Long Term Disability. Here in Canada if you actually need to go on LTD the insurance companies will want to stop paying after a year or two and will stop payments to force a one-time settlement, saving them heaps of dough. I personally know two people this has happened to.

Rant over.

It could be ‘full value’, where the ‘full value’ is the wholesale value of the ‘new’ equipment. I.e. not the retail value.

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Edmond Leung: Nonsense article.  Can you find any in-body stabilization in any Arri camera?  If you are a pro, you never need any in-body stabilization.

Don’t forget the Panasonic GH-5S.😀

Link | Posted on Dec 21, 2018 at 16:08 UTC

For certain uses IBIS might be a CON. See the Panasonic GH-5S.

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Svetoslav Popov: They didn't sell well at those ridiculous prices? The competitors were better and fairer priced? I'm shocked.

Now you pay to be the product; instead of getting the service at the cost of being the product (i.e. the business - to - business product).

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