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  • I can stream it on my Roku through Pear TV but it's definitely not HD and stops working about every half hour. Is there another way?
  • Right on my brothaaa! We should also copy their immigration policies..
  • Proven fact that pedophilia is no more curable than homosexuality. It is a sexual preference/perversion. They will never be reformed so they need to be separated from children,,,, forever.
  • Predictions are often wrong Max..
  • Created discussion thread Fox News Streaming Live
    No, there are not a lot of Fox News fans on here but this post is for people that may desire to watch it. First time I've seen it in HD on Youtube. Smile if you're a cable cutter. :-D
  • Bring it on, the system needs to be fixed. I have long been a proponent of single payer as greed has replaced common sense, so it'll take a large hammer to repair it.
  • The people that run the country on both sides of the isle need to grow up and put what's best for the American people ahead of politics. I'm sure that will happen right?
  • Trump said he's good for now, when the Dems are ready give him a call. If the Dems don't get ready, Obama's legacy could go even further in the tank. If they wait too long the ACA could turn to ...
  • Have the Repubs been pushing abortion or gays? I must have missed that... Don't feel bad, my oldest son has $10,000 deductible, refuses to pay the higher premium. But he's young and hopefully ...
  • Here's a list of countries. Not aware of any countries with singe payer where people are not happy with it. Two-tier would be a fairly good 2nd choice I think.
  • I know the left is fond of the "thrown off health care" talking point but in reality, they are mostly people that choose to not have health care because they are young and think they are ...
  • Awesome drone work that showed off a diamond nestled among the coal. Never been there but it certainly looks inviting.
  • Hilarious..! Here's one that proves Muslims keep themselves clean.
  • Bandaids are not what is needed, you need to identify the source of terror (Surveillance) and eliminate it.
  • You don't need much training, they are just like cameras.. Point n' shoot.. My guns never killed anything but they are there if I need them. The anti gun culture in Europe will eventually come ...
  • Yes we should ban the bow and arrows, they are only made for killing. Fkin' Robin Hood, thought he was Attila the Hun. Satan incarnated...
  • Muslim Population in the UK 2.6m. Non Muslim Population in the UK 61.5m Muslim population in Canada 1.1m Non Muslim Population in Canada 34.1m Muslim population in America 3.3m Non Muslim ...
  • Who needs guns when you have cars and trucks? When someone is hell bent on producing carnage, guns are not needed. 9/11, France etc.
  • Replied in Chuck Barris
    Schumer for the "hat trick"....?
  • Replied in Trump Groupies
    Trum doesn't need to shoot anyone in NY. We are very proficient at doing that ourselves.
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