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Ken Strain: Re slide 2: nobody tilts the sensor for IBIS - it would have the wrong effect. Think of what that would do in a view camera.

Displacing the sensor is the appropriate correction. Pitching the lens and sensor together (for example) causes the image to move up or down the sensor (try it with a camera). The motion is in proportion to the focal length (try it). So to correct this kind of motion, all IBIS systems measure the angle, multiply by the focal length to convert it to the required displacement and feed that back to the position of the sensor such that the image does not move.


You are of course right Ken. The sensor moves in three ways only: left/right, up/down, and rotation about the optical axis. But by so doing, it can correct for five different types of camera shake: pitch, yaw, roll, vertical shift and horizontal shift.

What was new when Olympus first introduced its 5-axis IBIS with the E-M5 was simply that unlike any prior IBIS system it had motion sensors for vertical and horizontal shift. Compared to some, but not all (e.g., Pentax SR) prior IBIS implementations, it also added roll.

Correction for roll is not possible with OIS whereas the four other axes can be corrected by means of OIS too. However, most OIS implementations are 2-axis only. The only exception I am aware of is the Canon 100/2.8L IS USM Macro.

Those interested in further detail on how a 5-axis IBIS system works may want to have a look here:

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Thanks! Glad to hear! :-)

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