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I'm curious to see how this new, compact 35-100 performs. Pity that its such a slow lens, but that's to be expected for the price. I was so disappointed by the flawed OIS in the 35-100 H-HS35100 lens that I had to return it. The image quality is great, but I need OIS for shooting hand held video.

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I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but here are some examples of the bad O.I.S. jitter issue:


I could seriously use this lens for shooting indoor events if only the O.I.S. worked as advertised.

Panasonic marketing excerpt:

"…The lens incorporates Panasonic’s Power O.I.S. optical image stabiliser, which makes it easy to shoot extremely clear photos even in low-light situations - especially at high zoom - by suppressing the blur caused by handshake.…"

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I tried to like the 35-100mm lens, but the OIS jitters ruin this lens for hand held video work. The dealer took it back for a refund, as they didn't have another one for me to test. Others have posted similar frustrations about this on other forums, so I don't know if trying another copy will prove to be successful.

I am hoping Panasonic can fix this with a firmware update, like they did with the 12-35mm jitters, or come up with an improved version of the lens. The image quality is quite nice, the speed is decent and the focal range would be great for shots the 12-35mm won't reach.

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I bought the 35-100mm and the O.I.S. produces a lot of micro-jitters, making it unusable for hand held video work. My 12-35mm and 14-140mm lenses are MUCH more stable.

I have read that some people went through a few of these to find a good version. Is this a common issue with this lens? I will take it back for a refund, but wonder if I got a lemon or if this is the best the 35-100 can do.

Any thoughts?

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Good news/bad news; I found a used 35-100mm at a local camera store. Hand held, the O.I.S. seemed OK in the store (viewed through the EVF and OLED), but testing it at home and I can see the dreaded micro-jitters. Footage of a tree created a bizarre pulsing effect in the leaves that can't be removed in post. On a tripod with O.I.S. disabled, the lens if fine, but I need stabilization for hand held work. My 12-35mm and 14-140mm lenses are much more stable. I'm kind of torn about taking it back for a refund, but I have 14 days, so I may experiment and see if I can live with it. The exposure stays constant through out the zoom, and the overall image quality is fine, but without stabilization, the 35-100 isn't much use to me for hand held video work.

I have read that some people went through a few of these to find a good version. Is this a common issue with this lens? I would probably (reluctantly) pay for a new one if it was as stable as my other lenses.

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kimchiflower: They look the same except for an added converter lens on the end. Aside from the 8.5mm, I can't see what the other can offer that is not already available.

I suspect these will be manual focus only, and the 12 & 25mm are already suitab;e covered by other MFT glass.

It's nice to see choice and another manufacturer signing up, but these would have to mainly compete on price.

These look like they could be interesting lenses. The original post suggests these may be released in summer of 2014. Kowa's web site doesn't reveal any news, and my email inquires go unanswered.

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