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zonoskar: The strange thing is, in 2002 Canon released the 1Ds with an 11MPix full-frame sensor. So why choose a 2MPix sensor for the rover 2 years later?

Andy, please, first think, then write. Was professional Canon 1Ds camera designed to be used for the holiday snaps?!? And, are the best scientific data a low-resolution data, or a higher-resolution data?
I have read somewhere, they have the low bandwidth only in this initial phase, after initial test and settings, they will activate a 2Mbit data transfer channel, so I think, they have enought bandwidth to transfer better resolution pictures than 2Mpix...

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Please, if you redesign the page, change the black background of the page, after 2 minutes of reading the text on your page, I have already really serious problems with my eyes, I need to stop to read...
This is the reason why I still less and less visit your page, because I have fears that I will read something a little bit longer and my eyes are are in pain...
White text on the black background is hell!

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JonB1975: After seeing the price of the Canon 24-70 II, I am interested.

@all: I know it all. I shoot live concerts and similar events most of the time. And because, not only me is moving, but the photographed object is moving, too - stabilizer does not help me in these situations.
I know, lens are not optimal wide open. But all my L-lenses are great wide open and my 50mm f/1.4 at f/2.5 too. And no one lens has better bokeh stopped down, all lenses have the best bokeh wide open.So, I wish not to shoot high ISO, I need to do it. This is the reason why I will buy only high-quality (red ring) lenses and not hi-priced third party lenses...

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JonB1975: After seeing the price of the Canon 24-70 II, I am interested.

I am not. The old Canon 24-70 is about the same price and I am sure, it is optically better. And you are sure, you will have no problems on future bodies with Canon lens. I know, this is stabilized lens, but do you really need stabilized f/2.8 lens on today`s low noise, high-ISO bodies? I will never buy this lens for $1300, I rather buy older red-ring compatibility-safe lens...

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On photo lens_or_nut in the Choice challenge (10 comments in total)

Nice shot. For two reasons (nice still and nut in the frame) at once - very rare! :-) Bravo!

But if you would be a Canon user, you would have this photo sharp and need not make so small final photos!!! :-))) Just kidding...

I think, this squirrel made very good choice: she chooses a very good lens and register flying nut around... :-)) I would make the same choice! :-)

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