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Have a look at the sample shots floating around. They completely lack the ability to define fine texture, just like the X10 did. Fuji needs to give up on these experiments with sensor patterns because they're making crap cameras at expensive prices to do so.

I would never pay this price for something that resolves so poorly. Real shame.

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hammerheadfistpunch: A request for this article; a scatter plot showing DPreview scores on the y and price on the x. A little over simplified, but i would venture a guess that bang for the buck is most people biggest (or second biggest) consideration with this category. I would say brand loyalty is #1 maybe.

Exactly. I believe that the Nex-5N is the best bang for the buck camera on the market for those getting into photography. Good kit zoom, superb image quality. Well featured. All for around $650.

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HIScamera: I find it amazing how so many photographer dismisses Mirrorless as trivial invention, that aren't deemed up to their standards, when only 10 years ago, they were saying the same thing about digital cameras. I remember reading bunch of photography magazines all crying foul with these so called 'digital' cameras and how they do not have the 'soul' and 'characters' of the film which they will never replace. Were they right?
Mirrorless might be new and unfamiliar, but they are already on par with many DSLRs in terms of IQ, and usability-wise, they will only improve as time passes. Progress Mirrorless made in last 3 years surpasses anything by either DSLR or any rangefinder cameras. Who know what we will have in another year?

I'm itching for the day I can get a full-frame M mount camera with an available EVF module for 1/2 the price of a 5D Mk II.

I believe it extrapolates well: Nex-5n is half the price of the A77. A full-frame, mirrorless should theoretically be half the price of a full-frame DSLR.

I wonder if Ricoh will step up to the plate in 2012?

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Aleo Veuliah: I have used a lot of SLR cameras, and from 2008 to now I don't feel the need to use any SLR system

I have two Panasonic Lumix G cameras and four lenses, and quality is great, and very easy to use and to carry

I got a Nex-5N a few weeks ago and was so impressed I sold my 5D classic, full frame DSLR.

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Mannypr: I must admit mirrorless cameras are starting to produce photos of pretty good quality but after having seen samples carefully from all of these camera they still have a long way to go to compete with DSLR cameras . The problems that mirrorless camera confront is that when the mirrorless camera technology takes a step forward , DSLR do the same and get better , always keeping in front of the image quality produce by the latest mirrorless camera has to offer.

The difference is that through the omission of a mirror box and optical viewfinder the mirrorless camera costs considerably less.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)

Seems like this camera has a lot of people arguing. They either think it's too expensive. Or they complain about the lack of lens lineup at launch. Or they think that the noise performance is poor. Or they think the lenses are too big.

But there are a crap load of people out there buying up Nex cameras because they offer awesome image quality at an incomparable price. They are the best solution out for somebody to mount various classic manual lenses due to the short flange distance and the big sensor. The noise performance is very very close to even full-frame cameras causing lots of full-frame shooters to think the Nex-7 is a complete bargain. And there are people itching to put M mount lenses on this system for an extremely compact, travel friendly camera.

Sony's making good money on the Nex cameras already out and once they solve their supply issues for the Nex-7 they're going to make a killing filling this market that lots of people don't seem to think exists.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: Sony's E-mount lenses are even more of a 'pariah category' of lenses than Micro Four-Thirds lenses are. Getting a Sony SLT Alpha 65 for $900 is markedly better option that this NEX-7, I should think. At least you can mount all sorts of 3rd-party Alpha-mount lenses on that one (a65/a77) natively.

Or get the Nex with the shorter flange distance, the LA-EA2 and you've opened yourself up to even more lenses. The A mount isn't that great for mounting other lenses onto the DSLR so shooting with a Nex is a very appealing choice for people who want to do stuff like mount Contax Zeiss C/Y, Leica/Ziess/Voigtlander M mounts, etc, etc etc.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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R Valentino: Nice camera, pretty decent IQ for an APS, but I still don't get the point of these types of cameras.

Teeny, tiny camera, GREAT big lens means it's still going to be hanging from your neck. Once you mount a decent lens on the Nex7 for all practical purposes it's the same size as the A900.

Seriously does half a pound really make that much difference? Sony's own A77 is still a much better all around camera and not much bigger.

If it can't fit in a jacket or cargo pants/shorts pockets you might as well use a real camera :-)

My 5D classic weighs more than my Mamiya 7II rangefinder WITH the 65mm lens attached. When I wear a Nex-5N around my neck I don't even remember it's there.

Also consider the size for people who travel a lot. They no longer have to worry about the body because the body is so small. They can pack lenses, attach the body to one and it's not really going to take more space in the bag. It makes a difference.

And finally: mount a Leica/Zeiss/Voigtlander lens on one of these mirrorless cameras and you'll end up with a camera that's super light weight with good image quality.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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tlinn: I can totally see myself moving away from my lifelong affiliation with Canon gear after a few more E-mount lenses and another generation or two of this body. I'll have to give up my tilt-shifts but my aching back is telling me it is worth it.

I've already sold my 5D classic and I'm clearing out my EOS mount glass for M mount glass. You can put Olympus shift lenses on the Sony nex cameras. They even have one as wide as a 24mm and the 35mm can be had for an awesome price.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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abi170845: Don't be a tease, SONY, WHERE ARE THOSE LENSES THAT YOU PROMISED? I won't buy this camera unless the Zeiss and the 50mm OSS are readily available. And probably future firmware updates from Sony.

Honestly I'm not a fan of the 24mm Sonnar. It should have been a Distagon but a Sonnar means higher profit margins due to a more relaxed engineering design.

You do know you can put old Contax Zeiss C/Y lenses on this system and they're very well priced?

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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Rmano: What I really find incredible (in that sense that is difficult to believe) is the poor bracketing options and the failure to save RAW along special functions (hdr, etc) which is a mere software matter. I would have expected an advanced bracketing options (EV, iso, mixed shutter time/aperture)... Sony, if you're listening, ask me.

That is a real pity. I was almost decided to go for it but powerful machines with crippled (and unmodifiable) software drive me crazy. Why not having an API and "Apps" for that cameras? They deserve it...

You can't really expect lightroom, ACR, aperture, et. al. to have to not only support RAW files but every permutation of every special shooting feature from every manufacturer. That's just silly.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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miketala: It's odd to compare this with cameras that cost--at most--1/2 the price. I get that it's mirrorless, but with lenses it's simply not as compact as m43, and at least one of the adapters appears to be as large as the camera itself.

A comparison with a similarly priced camera using a similar sized sensor, e.g. the D7000, is highly warranted and it's simply silly and unprofessional that DPR failed to do this.

Because Sony's creating a new class of camera. It's not a DSLR like the D7000 and it's supposed to outperform the m43 cameras.

Sony believes there are people who feel that m43 doesn't provide the picture quality they need and a DSLR is bursting with features they won't use. I believe Sony's right to think there's a market of people out there for the Nex-7.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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rurikw: Someone mentioned the idea of the body as a digital back. That's sound thinking. You don't attach lenses to bodies but bodies to lenses. Why should modularity be a privilege of medium format >10k€ cameras? You could build your ideal body out of parts too, by attaching (minimum) 1) a sensor 2) a screen 3) a control module. Then your could build your ideal GUI on the web and download. My choice of hardware would look a lot like the nex-7 but with a properly articulated screen.

The 5n is a little more "modular" like you're describing it due to the EVF being separate. But the Nex system is the closest to the old 645 modular designs to date. APS-C body. EVF. phase detect lens adapter. myriad of different lenses that can be used with various adapters. It's quite modular.

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: Why on earth is DPReview asserting that the Nex 7 produces usable images at ISO 6400? Has DPReview simply decided to quote Sony marketing as verified fact.

In the RAW comparison tool:

Pick the Nikon D3s (because it is nearly noise free at ISO 6400)

Then for actual Nex 7 competitors select: The Samsung NX200, and the Sony Nex 5n.

The Samsung and the less expensive Sony destroy the Nex 7 at ISO 6400. RAWs (okay Tiffs) at that ISO from the Nex 7 will print like garbage; I can be sure because I know what it is to print from ISO 6400 shots taken with a D3s.
(I don't want to read the "noise improves with downsizing" noise.)

Look: The Nex 7 is a really interesting camera, and will be better when Sony releases a greater number of decent lenses. But telling tall tails about it doesn’t do DPReview any good and doesn’t help those who’d be interested in buying this camera or something like it.


I wish the shutter were less audible on all Nex cameras.

Yeah my 5N has a sort of kachunk-chunk sound. It's not as loud as an RB67 but it definitely reminds me of one.

Also... Expecting a 24mp APS-C sensor to perform as well as a 12MP full-frame sensor in the noise department is kind of ridiculous.

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On article SLR Magic announces 23mm F1.7 for Sony NEX's E-mount (60 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: If only this has AF, OIS and is F/1.2. Id be the perfect lens for indoor photography.

You're being sarcastic, right?

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Good news for consumers because it means Nikon's competitors will have to try to get their production ramped up around the same time.

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On article Ricoh to make 16MP APS-C GXR zoom module (136 comments in total)

Why don't they just quit the crap and come out with a full-frame M mount module? That's what everybody wants.

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rhlpetrus: Just got the V1. It's worth every penny.

Care to elaborate? I'm curious to know what makes it appealing to some people.

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On article Sony NEX-7 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera first look (355 comments in total)

Mirrorless. That means they could probably manufacture symmetrical lenses for this mount. Zeiss Biogon, anyone? :D

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