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On photo Where does this "thing" come from? in the Your City - Alien Creatures challenge (7 comments in total)

Whatever it is, it seems to be a male and he seems very happy.

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On photo PICT0132 in stephent's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Great examples of what a 12 year old camera can do in the right hands

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IM not impressed..... this lens has reach but as soft as lasts weeks over ripe peach. I'm not that fussy but am amazed at so many positive posts... This lens truly represents, you get what you pay for. I was considering this lens at one point, but every time I see the finished product, it tells me it is 1100 dollars poorly spent. This lens is more about bragging rights about owning a 600 mm lens , than actual sharp photographs.
BTW, I have no axe to grind with Tamron, I own several of their lenses.

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On photo DSC04002 in neilt3's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

is that the actual sky, or is that processed?

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On article Challenge of Challenges 2011 Winner announced (108 comments in total)
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Solarcoaster: Fish and water drop look photoshopped. So much for real photography.

I think it is a wonderful shot..what some of the comments suggest is that this was some sort of set up...I see a lot of sour grapes in the comments...I'm going to take it for what it seems to be... Great shot, and BTW.. to answer one negative comment... Maybe the photographer chose this photo because the "water drop" was the subject.. When a shot has something that jumps out, like the drop of water... it takes it out of the " Stock Photo " class. Also the issues on Photoshop... PP is part of the digital age. Just like the dark room was back in early years. Now if the challenge specified " out of the camera ONLY"
That would be something else.. Some comments here suggest that PP , or Photoshop is somehow " Cheating"..
Bill aka EO

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