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agnost: To put things in perspective, in 1984 an inexpensive 10MB (yes, megabytes) hard drive was about $500.

Had a 10MB drive in 1984 for the Apple Lisa, it was over a square foot of desk space and about 4 inches thick. No problem with power conditioning, that may have been for the washing-machine size disk units for minicomputers. On the other end of the spectrum, the TRS-80 cassette tape drives were notoriously fickle if the power wasn't rock-solid.

Still, 25 years ago in the mid-90s storage only cost about 100x per gig what this micro-SD card cost, a doubling time for capacity/dollar of around 4 years, which isn't so hot - though there are lots of cheaper options now for mass storage than this new SD card, so it isn't a fair comparison.

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On article Ricoh GR III sample gallery updated (150 comments in total)

The shot of the pool player shown on the main page made me say "wow!" even at that tiny size. I thought it was a painting for a second, the composition and color are so good. Lots of great shots in the set, clearly the camera is good, and that lovely springtime light is worth any amount of gear, but the photographic artistry here deserves high praise.

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turvyT: Wonderful iq (lens and camera), optical Leica-level quality.

Is Leica really quite that good overall IQ?

At least through the viewfinder, the Pentax with its through-lens optical system is bound to be better than Leica, which is more important when making the shots.

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Dave Melges: The crazy thing to me, is there are still people talking about lag and refresh rate. TOTALLY only matters to people who BELIEVE it's going to matter, and no one else.

We all are staring at screens, watching video, playing games, with low refresh rates and nobody is vaulting out of their chairs blaming the refresh rate on not being able to understand the action in a movie or failing to win a first person shooter.

..if you're accustomed to an OVF, you may find an older EVF distracting at first, but that should quickly go away unless you have some kind of disorder. And newer EVFs? Remember, OVFs BLACKOUT when you shoot....and that seems to bother no one...modern EVFs DON'T BLACKOUT, yet dinosaur OVF defenders still attack the EVF.

No. The viewfinder that gives us the most information wins. Nikon's just making excuses for why their mirrorless aren't flying off the shelves, and desperately (kind of pathetically) clinging to the idea that SLRs will stay relevant a few more minutes.

Well maybe the newer cameras I can't afford have such high frame rates, big buffers and low latency that lag never gets in the way of getting the shot, but my old Panasonic small-sensor superzoom's lag just yesterday cost me a great shot of a peregrine falcon taking off from my back porch - everything perfect except the bird's head is out of frame. $#%!

I got lots of other great shots of the bird from 20ft w/ up to 700mm equiv., but I'm still p!ssed. Sometimes the problem really is the gear.

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Stephen McDonald: No need for actors and actresses in the movie industry. Full-motion avatars that have unique ways of walking and talking, could be made to do anything. Fan clubs would form around these stars that existed only electronically. Maybe some of those we have thought were real people, have been just digital images for a few years, at least? Maybe they made "personal" appearances by way of using holographs?

An upcoming new market will be forensically acceptable, cryptographically secured cameras. I made some design notes about 15 years ago aimed at the UFO/bigfoot hunter market. Much of what is needed is just extra EXIF info.

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Another focus innovation that would be appreciated by stills photographers as well as video would be to be able to control the IBIS mechanism to change the angle of the sensor plane to allow setting not only focal distance, but also the tilt of the focal plane, as in a technical view camera, allowing correction of perspective and keeping large subjects such as buildings and landscapes in focus despite being at a range of distances. This becomes very helpful when the DoF is very thin, e.g. on FF with large apertures or close working distances .

Adding a few mm extra IBIS travel for this purpose is a good use of the former mirror box space, along with the built-in ND filters Jack Lam mentioned. IBIS could also be used separately from the lens focus motor to correct for camera flange variation and focus shifting with zoom, and even allow micro-shifting focus for smoothing focus velocity within a single step of the focus motor.

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(unknown member): What good is 8k video if it's recorded in vertical mode. Is 4k already so good on phones that they think they are ready for 8k? questions questions

The correct term is "portrait". It's called "portrait" because it has been the standard orientation for portraits for several hundred years. The other orientation is called "landscape", because - stay with me here - it is for landscapes. Tube-fed vidiots and movie mouth-breathers with no appreciation of the artistic heritage of Western civilization may think that moving pictures should all be in landscape orientation, but they're uncultured.

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Ultan: No Pentax, a line formerly known for being good deals for the money, and no visible comments on Pentax either.

How about the K-70 with 18-135mm for $797? Weather-sealed twin-wheel controls APS-C with IBIS, model released 2.5 years ago, but good high-ISO performance. DPR 79% / Silver award, and many thought it deserved higher.


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On article The best camera bargains of 2021 (348 comments in total)

No Pentax, a line formerly known for being good deals for the money, and no visible comments on Pentax either.

How about the K-70 with 18-135mm for $797? Weather-sealed twin-wheel controls APS-C with IBIS, model released 2.5 years ago, but good high-ISO performance. DPR 79% / Silver award, and many thought it deserved higher.

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WuWuZilla: I have a technical question: Wouldn't it be possible to use a technology like the one in Microsoft Kinect, that was able to retrieve depth information, to add as lens/sensor to the phone and have a depth information pixel for every color information pixel?! This way you would have a 3D shot of the scene and calculating a more proper and custom fake-bokeh would be easily possible. No?

There's a lot of research on new sensors for depth information, but they still have low resolution or poor depth accuracy. Good enough to do a much better job than with a standard sensor alone, though. They should be able to do a better job at deducing depth than they show here if they just use simultaneous shots from the phone's multiple cameras.

http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/ has the latest sensor research news, e.g. most recent post just now: "Huawei Smartphone to use Sony ToF Sensor for 3D Imaging" (ToF is "time of flight", measures how long the light takes to bounce off the different parts of the scene) - Huawei phone model to be available in the next few weeks, "Besides generating pictures that can be viewed from numerous angles, Huawei’s new camera can create 3-D models of people and objects that can be used by augmented-reality apps, according to one of the people. "

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photogeek: iPhone seems to have better skin tone, too. I’m impressed actually.

Ok, that was a /little/ harsh. The site doesn't let me delete, though.

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photogeek: iPhone seems to have better skin tone, too. I’m impressed actually.

The iPhag skintone makes her look more human than "shape-shifting-reptilian posing as manjawed-women's-studies-professor-about-to-resume-shrieking-about-microagressions" anyway, accuracy be damned. Nothing can help the constipated expression and the missing two inches of cranium height.

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How about a picture of the big ambrotype? I hate watching the sorts of people who make such videos of themselves.

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On article Review: DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilization system (66 comments in total)

No Pentax support, despite Ricoh opening up its camera-control SDK

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falconeyes: The DPR story is bad again. Read the bill, makes much more sense!
It doesn't talk about "spy on someone in their yard". As that could be assumed about just every drone operator flying near a private property. No, it is NOT that!

The bill talks about: "person uses an unmanned aircraft INTENTIONALLY or KNOWINGLY to conduct surveillance of another person in a private place".

This indeed is a disgusting action and as I assume, has always been criminal. But has nothing to do with what 99.99%+ of drone operators do.

If something on private property can be seen from flying above above another property, then it isn't a private place and taking pictures or video can't be prohibited.

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Fwiler1: Is it just me, or do the edited pics look too exagerated? Too bright and too much color added. I noticed the same thing with the recent Nikon and Canon pics.
Just wondering if DPReview might need a new monitor or calibration done. Or maybe some editing tips :)

The saturation does seem juiced a bit too much in Lightroom, the original JPEGs actually seem better in most cases. That might be because of unsophisticated judgement in editing, but I doubt that's the story in this case. What looks good edited on a good, calibrated monitor may ask more than what the cheap laptop screen I'm using can display.

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JackM: I remember the time when DPR wouldn't touch rumors with a ten foot pole.

They still avoid cliches like the plague, though.

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dstate1: Like a dope, I was going to buy an indecent lens from a competitor but this has me thinking...

"Deviant Pornography Review" is that way -->

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Little-known fact: 17mm on full-frame is just wide enough to get all of one face of a (big) dodecahedron in frame when the camera is at the center of the dodecahedron.

In other words, 12 cameras with 17mm lenses can just barely cover a full sphere with no gaps (quite a bit of overlap in the sides and corners, though).

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Vladi Stoimenov: Pictures with the new lens made by Glynn Lavender:

Most of those great photos are of course with other lenses. These should be the ones with the Tamron 17-35:

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