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DFPanno: Who cares? Sony has largely displaced Leica and has done so for a fraction of the cost.

You're thinking like an average consumer. Leica hasn't concerned with average consumers in decades.

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JC Ramos Photography: I'm not crying. Got onions around me! You're crying!

That's our story and we're sticking to it!

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I don’t recall these arguments about the price of one format over the next size up in the film era. The choice is pretty much the same. A sporty compact vs. a slower luxury model. Sony has small 35 mm cameras but they’re no as small when you get into the “options”. The flagship m43 or the entry 35mm? The Porsche or the Rolls? Pick’em.

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arbux: GFX instead of FF.
200mm f2 for APS-C for 6k!

Surely fuji is unique. It is easy to be unique by releasing strange niche products. How about being unique by:
- best AF
- best IQ
- best price
and then combination of these. That would be something.

But 200mm f2, price as in FF to get what FF does with much cheaper 300mm f2.8... which making 200mm f2 for ff wouldn't add much costs and effort. APS-C and FF are complimentary, one can have both systems, longs lenses can be shared, short focal lenght can be unique for each. Tested and proven by canon, nikon and sony - fuji could do that just better. But no, fuji is unique, fuji will ask for FF prices offering aps-c quality.

Why does Fuji say no to 35mm? I think they see Canon, Nikon, and Sony sucking up all the air, with Pentax users willing Ricoh to make one for them. Fuji has no legacy to protect, so why enter that battle? As for that 200/2 lens, it was never intended for non Fuji users to gush about. That is an object of desire for Fuji users only. Every manufacturer has one.

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This was a fun read. I was published in the first print issue of Caribbean Posh for a shoot I did using a Fujifilm s9000. I will always have a soft spot for bridge cameras because of it.

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keepreal: To say there is no clear winner on lenses is incredible. LOL.

I hate EVF, so only the lesser bulk and weight of mirrorless bodies makes them in any way interesting, but only to have a cheap MFT as a second camera.

But regardless of price, the D850 body is too big and heavy as are the better Nikon and Sony lenses. That disqualifies either for me.

For landscape work I do not need AF speed and, even if 24.3MP does not give the ultimate in IQ compared with either the D850 or a7R III, I will happily rely upon my D610. Still too heavy but then so is anything by the time you choose the better middle of the road or premium lenses.

Why oh why can we not have miniature full frame digital cameras, the minimum of unnecessary bells and whistles the size of a Leica IIIG, lenses also on a par with that era? I am sure it would be possible if only photo manufacturers were not doing what for them no doubt is easier and evidently more profitable, given the public's willingness to allow it.

I had the e510 and then the 620. I loved them both, but mirrorless is when the 43 size sensor hit the sweet spot. Losing the mirror made it much easier to shrink everything else.

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I may not use TIME as a source for camera information, but considering the importance of cameras to a print magazine, I wouldn't say their opinion is completely worthless.

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Androole: I wonder if this will finally result in some real-world advantage compared to the best FF sensors on the market now. BSI at 44x33, let alone 55x41 is pretty amazing.

I'd feel pretty annoyed paying $7-10K for one of these first-gen mirrorless MF cams when it's clear that they are just beta testers for the next gen product that will actually be significant. The X1D and GFX50S are just training wheels for Hasselblad and Fuji...

I don’t have think one should look at the MF customer the way you look at the usual gear head. MF and 35mm have had different target audiences since the beginning.

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Franz Weber: To those who are bitching about the slow lens. Apperture wise it is comparable to the Panasonic-Leica 2.8-4.0 in the Micro-Four-Thirds system, considering the larger sensor of the Canon. So, what is not to like?

But the PanLeica is a 24-120 equivalent.

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Photato: What you need to know is that the Panasonic LX100 has similar features plus 4K video for HALF the price and it was released 3 years ago !

Still similar enough to be considered. Even at its intro price
It was cheaper than the new Canon.

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DPPMetro: "Contrast detect AF tracking...dead accurate"

The second part matches Pentax's 645, with the last part surpassing the Pentax.

It's amazing what a company can do in such a short period of time- build two lines of MILCs and a superb lens lineup from nothing. It was very clear that Fuji was targeting Pentax customers and won. All it took was for them to actually introduce lenses and listen to customer input.

I don't think it is disparaging in any way to point out Fuji 's MF past. It certainly explains why they made the GX instead of trying to battle Canon, Nikon and Sony in 35mm.

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zakk9: I don't mind that dpr writes about the A9, but conveying as "news" the fact that Sony has finally implemented functionality that has existed on pro level cameras for a decade or more strikes me as odd. Even my $900 G85 and slightly more expensive GX8 offer most of these options by pushing a button, flipping a switch or turning a wheel. Most Panasonic and most Nikon cameras that I own or have owned do this. The fact that Sony has relied on deep diving into menus to change primary settings doesn't make the improvement a revolution.

The news isn't that Sony has these features, but that they FINALLY have these features. After all the pro reviews and user complaints, Sony may finally understand that the user experience is just as important as the specs.

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DPPMetro: Incredible. This and the new Fuji MF are bringing lots to the table and surpassing Pentax by a huge margin.

I don't know about a huge margin. All three have unique characteristics despite having the same sensor.

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Nikon and others have introduced special anniversary editions in the past. Stop panicking! Next year is an Olympics year. If there is nothing new for next year, then you can panic.

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I'm not a Nikon user, so I don't have much at stake here. But I think the lamentations here are overdone. It's only February, and the D500 was a unicorn until it actually appeared. Yes it would be nice to see something exciting, but there is still time, and next year is an Olympic year.

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rsenk19: Review and posting sample gallery is fine. In real life, how many serious sports photographers are shooting with Sony gear ? Isn't the work horses like D500 or 7D Mk III excel in that sector ?

The workhorses are the Nikon D5 and the Canon 1-series. The a99, a 35mm sensor camera, is stepping into the ring with those two.

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I can make a case for a high performance APSC vs aan
entry level 35mm. I think m43 should at least be cheaper
than a D500.

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Thorgrem: Why are there no new Nikon 1 announcements?
It could be a great portable and blazing fast system if Nikon put some more effort in it.
They already invested a lot into the developing, so keep going and make it profitable.

There's a feeling that the 1 series has been replaced by the DL series of compacts.

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Alec: I expect, SONY will follow suit with a medium format mirrorless with a particularly short flange distance - a feature that has served its full-frame mirrorless so well in terms of 3rd party lens support.

It would be lovely to be able to mount a full-frame lens and select a "native" aspect ratio (with a 43mm diagonal at all aspect ratios not just "native" - they'd all be native) between 1:1 square format and 2.39:1 for video. Maybe even a 43mm round format for a fisheye :)

I would not consider a Sony medium format to be a sure thing. They may look at the return on the money spent on 35mm and conclude that another system format is too much, even for them.

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n3eg: This just makes me more convinced that micro four thirds was the correct way to go.

@jefftan, have you looked at the m43 forum? People have asked for these new lens for some time. The reason they are coming out with the pro line is because the consumer line has largely been fulfilled. There are already small primes at the consumer level. My Panasonic 42.5/1.7 is a little gem. The pro line is there for those that want it. I also have the 12-35/2.8, another beauty. m43 would not be much of a system without a lens selection for most situations.

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