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Great if you're doing surveillance. They are now upping video footage to that sterile look that they've been trying to get rid of in 3D animation renders for years.

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On article Video: Canon shows off its new 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor (217 comments in total)

Here come the cat pictures!

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Dirt on the sensor upper left?

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Don't, just don't. It might be an exercise in technique but doesn't add anything.

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This is not to diminish anybody's expertise, but this is scenic, but not necessarily cinematic. We use to do this all the time creating a spot - take a lot of Broll, lay down a sound track, put the footage in the blender (Avid, Final Cut, Premier, etc), spin it up, and presto, instant spot for the client.

I will say the quality of the sensor is pretty good for a phone. Truly amazing. Now go sit at the coffee shop and edit a film for the next Sundance.


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This hurts all drone operators, especially those working commercially. There needs to be 2 consenting parties. It's like playing race car driver on a public roadway. Here it is only one arrogant immature boy with a beard that only cared about himself and not anyone or anything else. It null and voids any talent he may have.
And this website has made the bad decision to present this and bears responsibility should someone try doing something similar and hurts someone or destroys property.

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Is this the same thing on Amazon?

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CreeDo: Anyone else find it sad how jaded people act about this stuff?

If I had put in the work to capture some of these shots, and the work paid off and I got footage as gorgeous as this, I'd be so overjoyed. But here we see all this "ugh drones, ugh time lapse, so boring and cliché, yawwnnnn".

Unfortunately, I do get jaded. If I see another northern lights, polar bear, shark eating seal, night sky, etc, etc, in time lapse or slowmo, my mind will just go into pause mode....

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It is nice work but makes me wonder that we are now doing photography that approaches the look of CGI when it used to be getting CGI to look photographic or filmic.

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Thanks for putting in the effort to create this video. It is amazing and powerful. To think that is a neighbor in our own neighborhood and how different it is.

And for those who don't like the sound track - turn off the sound.

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(unknown member): Oops! It's a stabilizing system! For a second I thought it was a gimbal. Until in-camera stabilization takes a quantum leap forward, these things will be needed. In-camera stabilization for video will mean a floating lens-sensor section.

Interestingly it has already been done. Back in the late 80"s I was shooting boat to boat video. Angenieux had made an add-on lens unit that had a floating element which was spun up by an external lead acid battery pack. It weighed a ton. Through the viewfinder if you did a hard pan you would see the image slowly catch up to your move Very disconcerting. But once you settle down it did take all the jerkiness out of your moving shots.

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On article Hasselblad X1D-50c First Impressions Review (313 comments in total)
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Mateus1: This could be my No.1 digital for landscape...

but it's still my film Horseman VH, best ever 6x9 :-)

Best camera I ever owned also. Cheers

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I had a sense that when Barney asked about video shooting, Toshihisa-san's reaction was a bit halted and in a veiled way seemed to suggest - why even go there, this camera is made for stills and still image quality, why bring video in that equation?

I agree with Toshihisa-san subtle reaction.

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rrccad: well that 23mm lens for this has me interested.

but it would probably cost a kidney and a first born.


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I was taught the Zone System by an assistant to Adams, Stephan Gersh (who told me my rocks in a B&W print looked like rubber and quickly shredded my print in the paper cutter)

From my experience, visualization (or pre-visualization) was not so much the composition (nothing would save an ill compose image) but rather what it would take through choice of film, its exposure based on the scene's reflectance values and what it was you wanted to retain as detailed in the highlights and lowlights, development in what developer for what time (N=normal, thus n-1 for less contrast, n+2 for more contrast, etc); through to paper choice and paper developer.

It was a disciplined process, testing various films with a densitometer to find their limits.

Adams was amazing in developing this system so that when he set up his camera he knew beforehand (visualization) what he needed to do to portray the feeling that scene gave him at that time.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1176 comments in total)

To me, it's a game changer in size vs. format. A camera the size of a Sony 7x packing 50 meg is remarkable. I used every version of film 'blads when I shot boating catalogues. And then the cost is a high-end bargain. Obviously real world tests will validate it. Wish the screen was articulating.

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On article Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift Resolution: Updated Field Test (209 comments in total)

As I am interested in this camera and the Pixel shift for architecture and interiors, I downloaded the RAW building shot with the shift and motion correction on. So did anyone else find the 4 birds flying through the scene??

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Several years back I read an article where the most important factor in a consumer making a decision to purchase is from a "trusted friend", someone they personally know. I assume this influencer thing is an attempt to replicate this factor. But the lack of trust that people have with information and commentary outside of their immediate sphere of trusted relationships dooms any real lasting value of purchase manipulation through "influencers". Influencers is just the most current "technique" that will go away and be replaced - much like the technique of the moment in photography styles get replace with the next.

But the real issue to me is this - most everyday people have come to realize they just have too much "stuff" nowadays. They don't need anymore. How many microwave ovens do you really need in your lifetime? And any amount of "influence" isn't going to make you buy more.

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Athough some pleasant shots, I would not describe these as portraits. They are mostly some casual headshots and group shots. I think the term portrait has been stretch thin here.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (391 comments in total)

Slap a square lens shade on a camera and you immediately increase its perceived value by 20%

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