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Conrad567: I wouldn't mind a monochrome camera.

Turn Acros film mode on and your preview/live view is black and white.

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Can't believe there is still no HDR merge or panorama stitching.

If they introduced those two features I would seriously consider switching from LR.

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Still not enough power for the Dell XPS 15 which requires 130W.

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On paper this camera had everything I was looking for. In fact it provided more than that I was looking for.

I made the relatively long trek to a store that sold it.

I saw it in the window. It looked beautiful. How I think a camera should look.

I went in and held it my hands only for my heart to sink.

For me, the ergonomics are wrong:

I like to use back button focus but the buttons I could assign to this to are so small and with very little feedback.

It's impossible to move the exposure compensation dial while looking through the view finder. It's so stiff it needs two fingers to move it.

The control wheels are usable but I still feel too small.

Sadly it just doesn't feel right in my hand. I still think this is a great camera. Just not a great camera for me.

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I'm looking to buy a camera, when it came to market is irrelevant to me. I just want the best I can afford/am willing to pay that meets my requirements. To make awards on time to market seems petty and irrelevant. I'm now concerned that other awards made by DPreview aren't based on the capabilities of the camera.

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The Squire: Im a big fan of the CC price model. It offers amazing value for money.

My only ask is to have a *bit* more flexibility for personal users who don't need all the tools. LR, PS and PP only, for a bit less money, please.

There's a photography bundle £8.57/month that includes LR and PS

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blurredvision: Hey look! Another post about an Adobe update where people complain about the subscription in the comments! I'm still waiting for all the detractors to switch to another product like they promised us they would 3 years ago...

Hardly suckered. You know the deal and you can trial the software. If you like the software and the deal buy it, if not don't bother.

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MaxPrime2: Whatever credibility Leica had left is gone with this, at least for me. Leica's founders must be rolling in their graves.

Well that depends upon the quality of the product. If this produces high quality images then it's good for Leica.

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sh10453: Reuters is the "client", the "customer", period.
The freelance photographer is trying to sell his work to this client.
It's their rules. Accept it or sell to someone else. I see no big deal in what they are asking for.
Set your camera to RAW + JPG of the required size, and be done with it. Experienced photographers should need little to no adjustment to the images, and can send them fast so the "client" can beat deadlines, or other news agencies when it is breaking news.

Look at their handbook "A Brief Guide to Standards, Photoshop and Captions", link is in the article above.
The handbook has a section for feedback and suggestions. Go complain on that page.

They are racing time for breaking news, and not in the business of printing wall-size posters, and probably sick of excessive, and maybe unethical altering and manipulation of images.

When you hire a tradesman to do a job do you tell him how to do the job. Surely your just interested in the result?

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DesmondD: People taking photos for a living should be able to get their settings close enough for decent jpegs anyway. Too many people [not all who shoot RAW but still many] use RAW as a crutch for bad technique.
It has its benefits but if your settings are so bad you can't salvage a jpeg for a newspaper then you're in the wrong job.

Don't forget they're not landscape photographers stood behind a tripod with time to compose and calculate exposure. Imagine if your shooting in a war zone with a subject moving in and out of shadows/bright sun. It would be difficult to set the correct exposure and the extra latitude of the raw file may save the day.

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Just sounds like a knee jerk reaction from someone with very little photography knowledge has made the rules up. Editing a jpeg is no quicker than editing a raw.

It's like hiring a tradesman to do a job and then telling them what tools they can use.

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