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Le Kilt: Sony : How come no intervalometer ???

About 80% of my images are taken using an intervalometer, so deal breaker is not an unreasonable statement. Another alternative that is not connected by cable:

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samhain: I think it's cute how canikon shooters keep saying PIxel shift is only good for product shots as if trying to reduce its usefulness.
I can think of many uses for it, from fine art to fashion, crime scenes to landscapes. Even portraiture. Shooting art for galleries, museums and for the artist's websites..
It's a lot more useful than some people are making it out to be.
And even if it was just useful for product shots- that's a big industry and covers many things. And as good as the PS photos look, this camera could really put you ahead of the completion.

And now learning it has motion compensation, that opens the doors even more.

50% of all my photos are taken inside of things that don't move. Table-top studio or product photos I suppose. It is certainly not a minor issue for me. Also these are often the shots that need the highest quality.

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This is a huge improvement!

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Mine installs in Dutch, even though I have it set for English!

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CanonShottaaja: Hi Steve70Dreinhardt
If "the same issues as everyone else is reporting" means focusing problems, read this.
I have EOS70D + Sigma 18-35 1.8 lens and this combination has been difficult to focus right by using OVF. The reason is maybe fast lens & Focus Schift.
I have solved the problem as following:
In menu I put the focus point illumination on (red squares in VF activate themselves, when focusing is ok). Then I changed AF from one point focusing to 9 point focusing. Makeing this allowes the camera body to deside, which point are the best ones for focusing. Then I look at, that at least 3 points will be activated and if not, I make a new focusing untill it will happen. This way the body can choose best points for focusing (suitable amount light, contrast, details and colours). If I use one point focusing and choose the situation of the point by myself, it is maybe not good enough for the camera and then focusing is not ok.
By this way I can shoot sharp pictures and misses are very few.

Thanks for posting the tip Steve.

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Steve70Dreinhardt: Hi All,
I recently purchased the sigma 18-35 1.8 lens to suit my canon 70D (purchased in Dec 2013), and found that the same issues as everyone else is reporting. I took my camera to the local camera store and tried it with a brand new out the box 70D (yesterday & sigma 18-35 1.8 lens) we did the exact same testing (granted it was hand held) and experienced the same problem. I have tried resetting the camera back to default but no difference was noted.

I was advised by the shop to send the body and lens to Sigma (in Australia where we are located) for the lens to be calibrated to my camera body, however, my concern lies that the issue is a body issue not lens issue, can anyone confirm this?

For those of you that have sent away your bodies to canon what was the outcome?

I am about to go on a safari in Africa and was intending on taking a 70-200 f2.8 and am now very aware of the fact that the camera may not be able to handle the lens when shot in view finder.

Any ideas?

I was thinking of purchasing this combination. Can you be a bit more specific about the problem please? A quick search on this camera/body combination does not reveal much negative info.

I am aware that focusing wide open can be difficult, but in a lens of this focal length range I would normally focus manually anyhow.

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Henry Falkner: I thought the Go-Pro can record sound. The Muzak is inappropriate.

You soon get fed up listening to the drone of the drone!

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On article Just deployed: New forums system (699 comments in total)

The OP's name back in the collapsed view - thanks very much for that - makes a huge difference to the usefulness of the forum for me.

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em_dee_aitch: Simon -

A few things I have noted (not sure if they are mentioned below, as I have made no attempt to read all comments):

1. In individual threads, post times are now just stated in GMT rather than the more relativistic and simple to read "5 hours ago" or "37 minutes ago," etc. Of course I have no objection to an absolute time stamp being included, BUT you really need to have the "hours/minutes ago" feature added back on.

2. This was an issue in the old system that has become WORSE in the new system: Your right hand column ad content frequently floats over both menus (such as the rollover/popup forum menu) and inline gallery content, such as when you expand a photo in a thread for larger viewing. Since these are static ads there is no way to dismiss them and it ruins viewing of the content.

3. OP's name is no longer mentioned in forum summary view, which is bad. This needs to be added back.

4. Previously viewed threads need to register as different color.


> 'the topic is more important than who posted it'
> if everyone wants the username back, we'll put it back.

In technical forums like these there are posters who consistently provide accurate and valuable information. At the other extreme there is the forum 'noise'. Also after a while you learn who is a specialist on a specific topic. For me the name of the OP is of considerable relevance, so yes please put it back.

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