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  • Agfa Silette. Fixed lens 35mm bought for me. leica II with a summar lens bought by me £25 1962
  • We are often told (off) that dpreview is about digital not film photography. So what’s with the above story.

  • Zeiss seem to get the plaudits. I have a Leica viewfinder which is great. In the past, I have owned Voigtländer viewfinders which are better value. Downside of the cheaper ones, less,  brightness ...
  • I used to have a “best” lens but I have had a clear out and reduced my lenses to two. I now only have a “better” lens. And it changes from day to day.
  • Replied in U2 - Abstract"
    The rock band is even louder.
  • Replied in U2 - Abstract"
    Always remember when one took off, practising for the local air show, got level with me, pulled back on the stick- fired up the after-burners and went straight up until it disappeared. What a ...
  • Thanks.....
  • I owned three Contrarex cameras. The original “Bullseye”, a “Professional” and the professional with the built in light meter. They were great cameras, brought g but not clumsy and the lens was ...
  • Liked the review a lot. I have the pre FLE version, which I use on my 240 and 601. I don’t have any focus shift problems but I don’t shoot everything wide open. Can’t find your 21mm review, which ...
  • Just scanned through and there isn’t a rack, just three cameras on different length straps. Two Leica Ms and, what looks like a Zeiss Contrarex “professional”  .
  • In all there were about three flash shots showing the rig. It looked similar the the harmonica rigs which hold a series of different key harps. I tried the internet and cannot get any result. ...
  • I will never know.
  • Created discussion thread Ken Burns - Vietnam
    i have just finished watching episode 10 of Vietnam made by Ken Burns. Once or twice, during the series, I noticed, what can only be described as, a rack of Leica cameras. Does anyone have any ...
  • If I only had my 35mm f2.8 Summaron, I would be more than happy. Add my 75mm ‘cron and nothing else would be necessary. Of course I would be sorry to see my 90mm ‘rit, my 24mm ‘rit and my 35mm ...
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    I have visited Japan and used various combinations of lenses. For my next trip, I have decided to take a 24mm lens, a 35mm lens and a 75mm lens. The one lens I know will get the most use is the 35mm.
  • But flashes do.. Almost dropped my camera yesterday, so condolences.
  • I have tried a few different vests but none were quite right. Material too heavy, pockets the wrong size or just not comfortable when loaded. I noe use a “Big Pockets” vest and it is perfect. ...
  • I would add, for anyone who has only used autofocus lenses and whose manual focussing experience is based on focussing them, manual focussing with a manual focus lens is a totally different ...
  • If you move to fill the frame with each lens, the perspective will change. The camera is in a different position. If you don’t move, you will just get a pimple.
  • The camera is heavier than a compact camera but not a lot heavier than a proper 35 mm camera. The leica lenses can be quite heavy to very heavy and anything over 75mm will pull the camera forward. ...
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