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facedodge: Now 3rd Party Batteries don't report remaining charge and you get a warning when you start up.

Uncompressed video doesn't have audio.

Magic Lantern won't load with it...

Video users beware.

Also uncompressed video shows no real increase in quality and there's no 25p HDMI output for PAL users.

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mpgxsvcd: Very nice new features. I wish I could get an update like that for my GH3.

Why would you need an update like this on the GH3? It already has uncompressed HDMI.

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ARB1: Dang Nikon, were is our video update?

Nikon D800 already has uncompressed 4:2:2 HDMI output. D5200 and D7100 also have uncompressed HDMI.

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Menneisyys: EOSHD has posted a VERY good review to , certainly worth a read.

They state the following:

1, the DR of the camera is much better than that of the iPhone 4S (and, consequently, the S3). I REALLY recommend checking out the direct comparison of the two phones in the two shots right under the sentence "Highlight roll off, although not as nice as a DSLR of course is better than most small chip pocket cameras and certainly an improvement over the iPhone 4S.".

2, highlight clipping can easily be fought by artificially decreasing the contrast. (Of course, by dialing-in a -0.x exposure correction also works. The article states the shadows aren't very noisy.)

3, now, for the bad: as was easy to see based on GSMArena's ISO 12233 and other, comparative test shots, the 1080p effective video resolution is certainly worse than that of the 4S (and a lot other cameras / phones). Nokia, do you plan to fix this?

I can assure that isn't true. A good third of my article is about how Symbian is a pale imitation of Apple's iOS and that the video resolution isn't up to the iPhone's standard with Filmic Pro. Nokia deserve praise where it is due, the facts are pretty obvious in this case. You sir need to quit the conspiracies, the facts are staring you in the face.


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Joesiv: Seems strange why would someone spending 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars on a camera (from what I gather these are priced in the market of arri and such) for a camera body just to put consumer grade lens' on it? Seems strange. C-mount, PL-mount, even EOS seem more in relavant.

While I welcome them to the fold, it just seems odd.

Oh well, hopefully panasonic's new x series lens' offer something worthy of thier cameras.

This camera has nothing to do with cinema.

It is for industry, medical application and video conferencing.

You only have to read one link deeper to grasp that.

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