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Lesson 1 - which should be obvious by now - is that if you post anything on the Internet, anywhere, then it's now in the public domain. You have relinguished your rights to it, in essence. If you don't like it, don't post! There's a price to pay for "advertising".

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Honestly, not that impressed with this photo. I've seen, or taken, much more visually appealing shots. Not to say I'm all that great, either.

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Personally, I love the word phablet. Now I just would like to see this on Verizon and preferably running Android.

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coso dp: No EOS M with its super attractive price and image quality? Come on

It's also a piece of junk. Super slow autofocus, for one. Unusable, from what I've read. I wanted it - at first.

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If you've actually held the Olympus OMD-EM1 in your hands and used it, this is almost an unfair competition; it wins hands-down. I've had 43 cameras in my life- from Canon AE1, A1, 30D, 40D, Nikon D30, Sony NEX-6, Panny G6, and the Oly EM1, (and a ton of others of models and sizes in between)- and the EM1 is the best I've used to date. Ergonomics, IQ, style, size, weight, etc. I sold all my DSLR cameras and lenses and moved to yje NEX-6, but hated the interface and the handling. Then went on to the 4/3rds with the Panny G6, but that wasn't what I had hoped for, but the EM! is perfect. It truly feels like a pro camera.

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I'm curious as to the feel of this camera. In other words, is it all cheap plasticky feeling? I had the Panny G6 and didn't like it for that reason. I'm torn between the upcoming Panny GX7 and the EM-1. If the EM-1 had a flip-up EVF, that would be the deal-maker for it. I also wish it had a built-in flash, but I can live with the fact that at least the camera comes with one you can slide on. I don't use flash much, but when I need it, I want to have it real handy - like built-in - or at least not have to carry around anything too big or have to buy it separately. The other little niggle is that neither the GX7 or the EM-1 have a flip-out LCD - I like having that for selfies. As usual, nothing seems to have it all.

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