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moimoi: Are those toy lenses not ridiculous? 😂😂😂.

Piece of junk

Have you even sniffed one?

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Bobthearch: "The TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit is available through Sirui's online store for $149.90 USD,"

The same price as a Nikon APS-C 70-300 (450mm equiv) zoom lens new on eBay. What a bargain!
[rolls eyes]

If you want to carry all of that heavy gear.

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Rich Evans: I am going to repeat here what I said before: who in their right mind will spend 1000 bucks for this camera?

Lets start with the basics: it doesnt reach the IQ of an APS-C camera, its not as portable as a 1 inch sensor and it is priced way too high while being mostly the same as previous model. Heck, buy a FF for same price. Same lens, same ISO performance, same small sensor, same number of focus points, same small battery, same screen size, same fps. This is not an update, it is barely a spec increment.

The market is moving up in pricing but there is still a segment that could use a camera like this but for 60% of the price. A price bump for the same camera they released last time? Why?

The Micro Four Thurd fans should really take a good look at why this camera has been so criticised. There is nothing here that is not done better, cheaper, smaller in other bodies but Panasonic keeps getting away with it. Like with GX9.

This camera at this price does not make any sense.

Beware of Micro Thurds. But, even more so...Micro Turds.

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shademaster: All I wanted was a tilt screen. I didn't need the touch screen. :(

I would find a tilting screen much more useful than a touch screen, too. I don't take macro shots.

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Nikoncanonfan: 17mp in 2018? Not brilliant

Geez, only newbies get hung up on megapixels.

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kevin_r: Wow, no one cares!!!!!

ThatCamFan: if no one cares about him why are you taking the time to comment? I generally ignore things I don't care about. But, hey...it's your time.

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Derrick B: No wonder it's free..... took a quick look. Got stuck on one Cr2 picture. Gave up .

Imagine how you'd have felt had you paid for it.

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mick232: Please try it and let me know if it is any good.


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Tactical Falcon: I so much love these cameras, but the bodies are lousy in my hands. Little or no grip to hold. Images are sweet. I just hate holding them. Fujifilm makes some awesome cameras in need of some friendlier handling. Otherwise a buy it if it fits you. Great cameras.

May I suggest getting new hands...lol

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Triplet Perar: Best cameras one can buy right now are those that 3 years ago were $1000, and today cost $300. Keeping yourself 2-3 years behind the curve brings tremendous value, at 1/3 of the cost, and, at the most, 1/3 stops of detriment. Totally worth it.

You can buy a nice used X-E1 for a few hundred dollars less than an X-E2. Since I don't do any action photography, focusing speed is not an issue. Plus, the X-E1 has more pleasing JPEG colors.

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Wubslin: The best one I don't buy means more money for me... keep buying the shiny toys. My investments are counting on you.

Are there any particular ones you're especially not buying? I'm looking for suggestions on what not to get.

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Dang crooks. Off with their hands.

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great Javier: DPR, to choose a camera that it costs 600$ for a buying guide of around 500$ it's pointless.

The a3, should be in the upper section. Only the a10 fits the 500$


Leica doesn't make cheap lenses, either. However, if you are referring to inexpensive lenses, what about the 16-50 or 50-230 for $400? You can also get the excellent 18-55 for $400 when bundled with a body. If that's too rich for your blood, Fuji isn't for you.

Link | Posted on Jul 4, 2017 at 01:05 UTC

Some of these posts remind me of Porsche snobs criticizing the guy who takes his Ford Fusion, puts wide tires and a glass pack muffler on it and thinks he has a sports car. It's all about what makes you happy. I think this software is marketed towards novices who don't have the money or time to learn more sophisticated software. The presentation and UI are geared towards novices. If a relative newbie can easily replace a sky with $40 software and it makes them happy, so be it. No, the results may not be up to your standards, but to each his own.

I think most beginners would be better served by using the company's Smart Photo Editor software and it appears that the actual selling price for either software is always 50% of the "regular price", so it's relatively inexpensive.

Remember that no matter how great you think your 911 is, there's always better performing ones out there.

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dariva: .................
And this is my credo and advice to all photographers may it be pro ore enthusiast:
Since we went digital you have to focus first on the "film" you by and then on the camera that comes along with it. Since you cant change the sensor later on, you stick to the pictur quality of the sensor, no matter what the fantastic features of the camera offer.

Conclusion on my side. The sensor in the XE2 is not so much better, that I "need" to
buy it. The XE1 is in my travelers camera and has prooved reliable through out the
four years ( And I dont treat cameras well ;-)

good light !-)

Yeah, I love my X-E1, too. Considering you have buy a used, low-mileage one for about $250, in my book it's the best $250 someone could spend. No, it's not a speed demon, but I have other cameras when focusing speed is a priority.

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