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EasyClick: euh... What are their designers smoking? Can't they design something made for humans? Not to mention how ugly this thing is. I've let it slide on the Quattros since it was their attempt at something different but another one??? Can that thing stand on its own without a lens? Make it a proper box and put that viewfinder far away from the handgrip.

My DP2 Quattro is incredibly comfortable in my hands

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David2553: All the rubbish chitchat 'This is a great strategy' 'I hope lots of people would flogged into buying this camera' blah blah, I don't care about that at all.

Just need to know where to pre-order and when I can have my hand on that sweetest camera deal in the history, before Sigma changes her mind and increase the price by twice. Sigma, come get my money!!

For the US, BH Photo has the Body Only ($799) and the Body + 30mm F1.4 ART lens ($999) for pre-order:

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veritalens: My mind is blown! I thought they were going to pull another SD1-pricing situation for this. I still want to see what the pricing will be for the "APS-H" version of this, but if it's similar, I will most definitely be purchasing one of them.

I wouldn't mind if it takes them awhile to bring out the review, Sigma is known for fixing a lot of issues with firmware in the first 6 months (they have a few more bugs at release than other camera makers, but then again they are pretty small). My DP2Q had a lot of fixes/updates that would make early reviews not completely accurate anymore.

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ms18: Charge more pay the extra money to adobe so they will support your RAWs and we can use the camera properly

In a recent interview with Sigma's CEO, he stated they would be happy to work with Adobe, but it is their decision and it sounds like Adobe is not too interested.

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With that price, I might be buying one of these to compliment my DP2Q and as an upgrade to my SDs (SD15 and SD14). Very excited for this camera and the SD Quattro H!

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On article Sigma goes wide with 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens (183 comments in total)

See MTF charts and specs at Sigma Global:

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CUBE OVER: Pleased to hear the battery life has been doubled.
Pleased to hear tonality has been improved.
The new design is to be field-proven, though. IMO Fujifilm X-A1 body is ideal.
My RAW files are already 55MB on Merrill, they should only become smaller because of two 5MP layers vs all 15.4MP layers in Merrill, unless there was a trick in Merrill they did not tell us about!..
Something don't add up... proprietary closed Merrill X3F format may have been closed for a reason... unlike previous gen DP2s/DP2x which is all fair 5MPx3.
Show us your RAWs already! And why not a word about the release date?
Unpredictability reduces potential buyers to enthusiasts like myself ;)

14 bit raw vs 12 bit causes the Quattro Raw files to be bigger

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motobloat: I'm surprised no one has mentioned this here:

This is a *street photographer's* dream lens.

You get 28mm, 35mm, and 50mm equivalents, and everything in between, all at f/1.8. No more do you have to just pick one of the three classic 'street' lenses - you can have them all.

New street kit? Small SLR like D3200 or 100D + this lens - small, fast, light, high-resolution, and really, really flexible.

Maybe because I regularly workout, but carrying a 1.79 lb/ 810 g lens should really not be an issue at all. I would weep if that is considered to be heavy. I carry around an older 70-200mm f2.8 lens that weighs a little over 3 pounds with no issue and this is without a tripod or image stabilization and get great photos.

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viking79: Nice, finally equivalent lenses for APS-C. I have been waiting ages for the sub f/2 fixed aperture zooms for APS-C. For ages they kept trying to sell people on full frame f/2.8 lenses, what a waste of weight on APS-C. This I can do, unfortunately the zoom range is a bit limited, but if the price is right I am all over it.

It will be available for A-mount, just like the 35mm 1.4 from Sigma, it just won't be in the initial offering/at launch which is what is shown above. So I wouldn't worry about it not being available for A-mount, because it should be at some point in the near future (a few months) after the launch.

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topstuff: Awesome idea.

I fear it will be as soft as a kitten wide open though. I hope I'm wrong.

Sigma new lens lineup has been sharp wide open and setting industry standard for quality with what is released in their Global Vision Lens Lineup. It is exciting to see the Global Vision lens lineup expand, a few months ago I was stating that they needing to expand this more quickly, and it seems they are doing just that.

When the new Sigma lenses (more expensive than their previous lenses) are a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Canon and Nikon equivalents and decimate them in performance, more people are going to start to realize that they are the way to go for now. I am interested to see how Canon, Nikon, and Sony will respond to the new Global Vision from Sigma.

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veroman: I don't know of a single Sigma lens at f/2.8 or larger that's sharp wide open. Is there one? If history is any indication, I suspect this new zoom won't really come into its own until f/2.8 ... which really doesn't make it all that competitive to Tamron's 17-50 f/2.8. I'd like to be wrong, 'cause the idea is terrific. I'd purchase it in a second if f/1.8 is sharp. Would let me shoot all day long at ISO 400 or lower with my small Canon.

Sigma's newer primes have been some of the best lenses in the industry. Starting with the 85mm 1.4 which received many accolades for it's performance at 1.4. The new Sigma Global lens series primes have been setting the bar in the industry for wide open performance, like the 35mm 1.4. Now granted these lenses are primes, so we will see how good they do with the wide angle zoom with a constant 1.8 aperature, but if their recent lens releases are any indication, it will be basically the best available at launch in its category.

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OvinceZ: I would love to have this version to take photos of flowers. Should be superb.

My understanding is that the new SD1(M) and the DPM series produce superb reds. I have a SD14 and I know that reds can very tricky from time to time when they bleed. I am sure there would be a forum post that at least discusses the reds from the new series somewhere on dpreview.

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