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Picturenaut: Leica makes so great cameras but has one problem now in the age of digital photography: the cameras DO age quickly! It's completely different to a film M3 which is in fact timeless (as long as you get film material). So omitting the numbers from the M system won't help them. You can really see it if you just take a recent M9: it's low resolution screen would have been state of the art - in 2005 or so. And its high ISO performance is no fit anymore for recent FF DSLRs.

So I think Leica would have to go for another radical approach, if technically feasable: a wonderful solid M body with an exchangeable sensor/electronics/LCD screen upgrade unit - a sort of Ricoh GXR system but more in the back side of the system, not on the front side....

Then you could keep your beloved Leica for many years with all its patina but technically be up to date. I think if Leica then'd offer this exchangeable upgrade unit for a decent price this'd be really another unique feature of a new digital M system.

Leica has a real problem going forward. The M is case in point. You have the latest M camera release and the most expensive camera in the world in its class and design it with a USB2.0 port not a USB 3.0 and no HDMI port common ! Purest or not in the designin the file transfer in a digital is all important.This is after all a digital camera and the connective should be state of the art at the time of production.Lens aside the camera body is not state of the art. Sensor updates and exchanging capablity is a requirment for a camera of this nature. Connective interface is another area to allow for updated porting configuration. File Transfer speed is a high priority. Certainly the arguement to remove the memory media and transfer directly to a computer for editing purpose is a solution for this issue but not at this price point.

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I personally do not see Leica being a major force in the digital camera market in the future. The Leica management and product development teams are headed in the wrong direction in my opinion. Prices of cameras are going down and cameras are becoming smaller with increasing quality that will eventually surpass DSLR and like cameras currently in the market. Leica is charging ridiculous prices for a digital camera that will be obsolete in two years. People with money are not stupid !

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