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This is indeed an odd looking concept but what strikes me far more odd is the choice of APS-c. With Hasselblad being a defining name in medium format and the recent unveiling of VG-900, proving that sony is willing to pair a full frame sensor with the e-mount, I would never have guessed they would have dropped down to below full-frame with this model.

I can only assume it involves the market and price targets they plan for this system, but if it cost near as much as the 6D and D600, I fail to see many people choosing this instead of buying a normal nex camera. (Then again, the Leica X2 exists at $2000, with a fixed lens to boot) Ah, and let's not forget sony wants to sell a fixed lens, full frame camera for the price of their A99.

This is an interesting year for sony, I'll give them that.

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To the people who don't understand why 4K resolution is important... You can count the number of cameras out there that can produce a 4K video on your hands. They are still a relatively new thing and most of those sensors are only as big or smaller than super35 format (with others only capable of 2k). Canon is over the 4k on the size of APS-H which means for those who want that shallow depth of field look, Canon is now the way to go AND has options to crop down to super35 format for those more comfortable with standard film depth.

For the die hard photography fans who want new options in the stills department... Get over it. Seriously. You have more than enough options and quality in digital still cameras then you could have hope for 10, 5, or even 2 years ago. Digital Video that is on par with motion picture film is a new frontier for professionals so obviously Canon will be pandering to that until it gets to the point that is affordable in the commercial sector.

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