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On article Nikon AF-P 70-300mm F4.5-5.6E ED VR sample gallery (69 comments in total)

jmz48 To DPreview staff:
Nice sample gallery, but it answers only 1/2 of the questions I (we) have... Wouldn't it be nice if you add few more pictures as follow:
- next to each other the same subjects shot with the same camera, in the same light condition at same lens/camera set up taken from AF-P 70-300mm vs AF-S 70-300mm - for real comparison. Could you please?

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Dear DPReview... Yes, this is interesting video presentation, however not complete... The quality of the pictures and video comes mostly from the lenses and accessories used by this photographer.

I kindly request that you publish here the list of lenses and adaptors used during this presentation, also please disclose what was make of the lenses.
Your answer would be greatly appreciated.

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G3User: What a joke, all these cameras with no view finders. You may as well be holding up a cell phone with your head tilted way back and barley seeing the screen in bright sunlight. This is pathetic. This is the continued dumbing down of photography.

You are absolutely right. I'm waiting for perfect Canon G for years and see no consistency in Canon's approach. Instead of making it better an better, they change design and features with every release - bad habit. Instead of delivering world class range-finder, which G1x almost was, they missed it again. G1X needed just some little corrections here and there, but camera by itself was nicely designed. Now the hope rest with Nikon P8000 and Nikon 1V3. Besides OVF (or HQ EVF) I'd like to see all manual controls and really large comfortable grip like those in P7800, 1V2 or about any SONY model.
Maybe next year..... or next after...???

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On article Hands-on with Nikon V2 (455 comments in total)

Actualy - the "looks" is OK and preferable to V1 in my opinion. V2 is designed as high-end P&S with it's presumably very good (enough) with electronic automatic controls.
For me it would be desirable to have in addition few switches for fast manual setups, as auto-mode is not always right in all circumstances. Maybe V3 will get there next year.

Your coments are perfectly right. My first thought was to have that size camera to be paired with 70-300VRII. I'm glad to hear you have good experience with this setup. So far I did not see any published pictures from V1 with 70-300VRII, and I would like to ask you, if you can post here few pictures taken with this setup? Also, you may want send note to me with the picture or two? - thank you, kenbass.

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I'd like to see advanced range finder based on Canon G1X or Nikon P7100 body design: with all mechanical controls, CX lens mount, also adaptor for all DX/FX lenses, and high quality OVF/EVF as obligatory feature. Articulated and build-in display variations will be welcome.
The design proposed above is almost exactly what I'm looking for - for years...

I hope Nikon wakes up and start producing range finder line of cameras instead of hundreds yearly models of worstless shirt-pocket multi color bodies of no value. Let those be replaced by cell-phone cameras.

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On article A sneak peek at our forthcoming camera test scene (320 comments in total)

Support coments by Biowizard and Gesture below.
Also, I'd like to see 3D structures to test Front/Back focus, including micro adjustments, 3D structure to test camera/lens set for bokeh, also another 3D structure to simulate low light (night) photography to test ISO from low to highest. (similar to DCRP's SanFrancisco at night, but in lab-version so lighting will be consistant.
Left,Right,Center,Top and Bottom targets for testing focus points for focusing consistency.

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I realize it is tough, but you need strong filter that will limit agressive threads of two different kind:
1./ Competitors (manufacturer's agents) trying to smear other brand product by bringing the same subject to forum over and over again to create "bad name" for particular product. Example: "skin tones" in D7000." - It is OK and expected that subject is brought up to forum... but having the same person creating the same therad under symilar title over and over again is not needed. I think if something is not discussed in full within 150 threads is just not needed here any more. Also, frequently the same aggresive entity post threads under different names just to create and spread "bad opinions" about competitor's product. We don't need that.
2./ Aggressive personal replies/commenting.

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