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Fujifilm got a lot of converts because they value the time of the photographer. They provide excellent color in SOOC jpegs which saves a lot of computer time.
At least I bought xt20 because of this reason.

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If it was not known that these photos were from a famous photographer these would have attracted a lot of suggestions to improve rather than praise. Marketing in the right circles has a lot to do with photographic success.
Frankly, I have seen much better pictures from amatures.

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First time I saw a flame post from one of the dpr admins. (:
Hopefully another admin will take it down. (:

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DPR news standards going down?
Why is it a news if a bean counter, whose credentials as a phography critic/ expert are known to nobody, mentions his choice in mobile phones?

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nekrosoft13: Macs are good for people that have more money and sense.

You mean more money THAN sense.☺

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Because the Indian government doesn;t want to show the world the extreme poverty, filth and wretched condition in which a sizable population of the urban poor live.

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Frank in Bridgewater: Still eager to see the first real performance numbers for the sensor performance. Am I the only one interested in this and not the peripheral bells and whistles? I hope it will be a significant boost over the D7200 (which still appears to be the best APS-C body at the DxOMark scores), closer to the D610/D750 class. With the smaller pixel count, one can hope for big fat pixels to gobble up the light.

Here's hoping. That will be what gets me to buy or not buy. Woops, and the AF module too, it should sizzle.

Rishi, if ISO performance is determined only by sensor size and pixel density has nothing to do with it, then why is D4s high iso performance better than D810?

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What next? Probably the day will come when the lens prices will be just a fraction of present prices, and the firmware will be such that they will stop working after a certain duration and you will have to recharge to use them again. Or better still cheap biodegrdable lenses which will fall apart after use of some time. Any thing to keep the revenue flowing.

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most mindless and foolish way of comparing apples, oranges, cream rolls and bed rolls.

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Astrofalcon: This is the greatest thing to ever happen to software! I hope all other software company's follow this model eventually...

I update every year the second new versions are released, the cloud just makes it so much easier and cheaper!

I don't understand everyone's negative reaction this this?? If you want to used old out-dated software you're more than welcome to. The idea of updated software is to make it better, faster and speed up the workflow among other things. Time is money in this industry. Why don't people value their time???

Just to inform you, most of professional software companies are doing yearly licensing for a long time, withoout losing user base. The key word here is "Professional Software". Adobe has woken up to it now. Better late than never.

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rgames1: Interesting decision - they're moving the CS titles out of the amateur market. In the broader world of professional software, there are relatively few software packages that allow perpetual licenses, so this type of licensing is standard for most professions. Adobe products have been different, of course, because they have such a huge amateur user base. People don't buy enterprise resource planning or point of sale software packages and mess around with them in their free time.

I seriously doubt the move will have any effect on their base of professional users (the costs increases are small). Adobe is establishing a clearer distinction between their professional products and their less-featured counterparts (the Elements series). The amateurs will just switch from the full-featured software to the "lite" versions.

If you're a professional, that's actually a good thing because (in theory) Adobe will have more time to devote to the concerns of its professional user base.


I agree. In my profession we use a number of technical software for design and simulation and studies. None of them offer perpetual licences. Theirs are yearly licences (like antivirus) and services offer both stand alone installations and server based ones.
Adobe has made a concious decision to class Photoshop as a professional software. That's it.

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Nothing special.

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Nothing special.

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Can you share what you did?

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I liked the lens mug the best. great idea!

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Liked the caption a lot!

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Good to know it touched the funny bone.

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The fact that somebody actually enjoyed the pic is more important for me than getting the rank.

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