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  • Good effort, at least you mentioned the rabbit... Here's what I mean though... And to the person who told me to move predictable! Read my original post, I want to know what the hell is in ...
  • If, to the outsider not everything adds up, why bother? Pretentious nonsense!
  • Your email is funny. Nothing to do with photography of course. The text on the photo? To me, means nothing.
  • I tag maybe 30% of my photos on Instagram. Nothing wrong with that as you say. Quoting a verse from "Hotel California" or writing some impossible to understand mind ramblings is a different ...
  • Created discussion thread Accompanying text to photos
    Feel this has been mentioned before and pretty sure I commented but can't find it. As above...IMO sometimes utter pretentious nonsense. If I see arty rubbish I won't pay the slightest attention to ...
  • Googled it to death and couldn't find anything either pro or con. All I can say is a tiny amount has cleaned my sensor beautifully. I'd be interested if anyone could come up with evidence that its ...
  • couldn't be bothered waiting so used a tiny bit of saliva on a dry swab. My badly stained sensor is now shining like new.
  • Is there an easily found liquid, perhaps in Boots that you can use or must it be something specifically for sensors. I'm in Thailand and my xt-20 sensor badly needs cleaned. I waited nearly 2 ...
  • Replied in Oto Sladek
    Perhaps he is on here. He has wonderful photos on "Fujifilm x-series users" group on facebook. The titles/accompanying words to me are just utter ramblings and make me switch off. Maybe its like ...
  • Replied in I hate titles
    I'm one of these people who just can't ignore something that annoys me. Like scratching a spot when you know you shouldn't. I'll actually unfollow photographers online if their titles are too ...
  • Replied in I hate titles
    Do photos need to be explained though? A shot of your daughter shared with family might benefit from a title but the same photo shared with the wider world needs no explanation. Most people won't ...
  • Thats it, as you say easy to miss. Thank you very much for responding.
  • This is exactly it! Not obvious (to me anyway) Thank you very much.
  • Thanks Mario, I've done all that it just doesn't "save" I've set it in S mode, in bkt 1 mode and in bkt 2 mode but nothing changes. I've just tried to change bkt 1 to white balance and that hasn't ...
  • Created discussion thread Help with bracketing
    I currently have AE bracketing on number 1 and ISO bracketing on number 2 on my XT-20. I use neither and don't remember setting them. I'd like to have film sim bracketing but for the life of me I ...
  • Replied in Direct
    I completely agree. I'm an amateur photographer and put a few on Instagram always without a title. I see a scene, I like it, I photograph it. I hope there is always a story but that's for others ...
  • And remember to go "back" in the menu then you will get the option to save. If you just "ok" it won't save.
  • I think youtube is the greatest site out there for many reasons. However I can't stand the short video clips on Instagram and won't follow anyone who posts them.
  • No! I thought so too but you can. For the clearest and simplest explanation of the q menu and custom setting watch "fujifilm quick settings" by "pal2tech" on youtube.
  • I've just been out for a full days shooting in classic chrome everything set to zero. Once I've looked at them all (jpegs) I'll decide if I want to tweak. Probably do the same for other ...
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