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  • Second to the above ??  --  pretty straightforward - f/4 is typically expected to be underexposed as compared to f/2 with same shutter speed and iso.
  • That is why 2 of my 3 choices are there.  The phone is self explanatory but the HX80 fits this reasoning.  About the smallest physical size possible considering wide zoom range and including a ...
  • Replied in Nikon P900
    Fantastic toy - more fun than anyone shoud be allowed to have.  P950 would be better, but whether or not its' enough better to balance the quite higher price can be debated. Go over to the Nikon ...
  • I can go along with some possible dof effects, but what size sensor is behind  lens has no effect whatsoever on how much light enters the front of the lens or exits the back of the lens. How could ...
  • Guess I don't understand what the chart is about.  Is it something to do with depth of field when using lenses on different sensor sizes?
  • Can I have more than 1?  How about 3?  no,.1 would be my Nikon P900, no, 2 Sony HX80, no. 3 I-phone 11.  Please note this is based  solely on the "FUN" part, it certainly is not to be based on ...
  • But like the rotary dial phone, they must come out with something equivalent to replace them first.  When that happens, we'll rehash this.
  • Yep you are right -  that is the percentage for each age group that are "users of FB".  Nothing in this discussion about who's a happy user - whatever that means.
  • In both images the background is really out of focus:-)
  • They are called mirrorless.  Several companies make them.
  • I don't have a problem with smearing the rear screen on my main cameras because they are rotated in with screen facing the camera body, Like you do. It's easy enough to swing open if I need to ...
  • It's a small sample for sure, but in my lifetime I have known or currently know 6 successful professional photographers quite well and none of them were gear addicts and most three could care less ...
  • BAK - great response.  But many just can't grasp it.
  • Quite the confusion on this equivalence thing.  If you are relating to determining exposure (brightness, xx, whatever they want to call it.)  This is not affected by crop factor.  If the lens is a ...
  • My lwife used a moto (G4 plus??) for a year or two and loved it. Worked great, but camera was not anything to write home about.  She moved up to iphone 11 and there is no comparing the photos from ...
  • So if we view  the two full frame uncropped images out of the two cameras (ff - apsc) at the same size in print or on screen, the  selected object will be larger from the apsc camera.
  • Apologies for my wrong explanation. That's what happens when I work from memory.  You have the right answer from poster above and I gave the wrong instruction
  • click on image, then click on view at 100% when image gallery comes up.  But who regularly uses phone images (or most others) at 100% for viewing or prints?  This is not their strong point or what ...
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